Senior Research Associate

Posted to IASSIST on: 2011-05-26

Employer: Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)

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  1. Cornell Secure Data Service (CSDS) (50%)

    [Note: This newly-named service is an amalgam of two distinctly separate confidential research environments within CISER: The Census Research Data Center (RDC) and the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC). The CSDS is intended to be an umbrella term that encompasses both activities, which are wholly separate in reality.]

    a. Overall supervision of the sensitive, confidential, and highly specialized research operations of the Cornell Secure Data Service (CSDS), the purpose of which is to provide Cornell researchers with access to restricted data while ensuring safeguards protecting the confidential and sensitive nature of these data. b. Promote, develop, facilitate, and safeguard and report on research efforts involving restricted access, secure, confidential, or otherwise sensitive research data. c. Present and publish on development of CSDS services and resources and related issues and technologies in appropriate communities of practice and research. d. Represent Cornell in the process of negotiating agreements and preparing data security plans relating to restricted data in relations with the U.S. Census Bureau, other federal statistical agencies and other providers of restricted-access data. Ensuring that the CSDS operates in compliance with the Federal Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act (CIPSEA), Title 13 regulating the Census Bureau, and similar legal requirements is of the utmost importance. e. Represent CISER and interests of its research faculty members within Cornell with respect to access to restricted data in relations with Cornell’s Office of Sponsored Programs and Cornell’s Institutional Review Board. f. Manage the process of negotiating and preparing data security plans in compliance with policies of Cornell, CRADC, and secure data providers. g. Supervise and train paraprofessional staff and/or graduate students to execute routine CSDS operations, such as transfer of data files into and out of the CSDS secure computing environment, and submission, account/password setups/renewals, system downtime notifications, and tracking of required agreements by CSDS users. h. Work with CISER IT staff to assure the development and maintenance of the secure technical infrastructure supporting the CSDS.

  1. Social and economic data instruction and consultation (20%)

    a. Develop and conduct CISER workshops on social and economic data resources. Develop new workshops and training opportunities as needed to address the most frequently used data files in funded and published social and economic research, as well as identifying newly developed data sources which will emerge as important for funded and published research. b. Consult with faculty and students in the social sciences and allied fields at Cornell University seeking data resources for their research, utilizing both internal (e.g., via ICPSR membership, from CISER Data Archive) and external (e.g., from Census Bureau, OECD) sources. Note that this activity relates directly to the research development activities outlined above. c. Recommend research data acquisition/licensing to Research Data Management Librarian when consultations reveal no other available source. d. Engage and coordinate with librarians serving the social sciences and allied fields in Cornell University Library (CUL) and with research support personnel in academic units. Provide teaching, learning and research support services, from the perspective of primary and secondary data source usage to those entities.

  2. Grant writing (20%)

    a. Participate in resource development including grant writing and working with research centers and institutes, such as the Cornell Population Program, in the cultivation of support from government agencies, foundations, businesses, and individuals. b. Independently design and implement research projects or programs, serving as Principal Investigator when appropriate.

  3. Outreach, professional engagement, and other duties as assigned (10%)

    a. Promote the resources and services of the CSDS through presentations, announcements, webinars, etc., to the Cornell community. b. Stay abreast of developments affecting the structure and delivery of services and resources related to the CSDS specifically, and restricted/confidential data services generally.

  4. Required: a. Ph.D. in a social science discipline with extensive social science research experience and a proven track record of contributions to the field. b. In-depth knowledge, expertise, and a very high degree of experience with social science data resources and connecting potential and actual users to them. Experience with designing and implementing an effective service model. c. Demonstrated leadership in data user training at the national and international level in roles with professional associations and statistical agencies. d. Solid understanding and experience with issues related to confidential/restricted data and their access/use by academic researchers. e. Extensive record of successful grant writing experience. f. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  5. Desired: a. Supervisory and instructional experience. b. Experience with a helpdesk/reference tracking system for the handling of questions and responses regarding research data.

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