Research Systems Analyst

Posted to IASSIST on: 2008-06-19

Employer: Federal Reserve Board

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he position is for a Research Systems Analyst which is a programmer/developer position. However, the candidate needs to have a fair amount of economic/business/finance background to perform well in the position. The ideal candidate is a double major in computer science and economics/finance/statistics. But there are many other combinations that work well too.

The RSA should be able to work with end user Economists and Financial Analysts to identify user needs, prototype applications and databases, and provide excellent customer support. This position integrates an understanding of financial data and the technology with which they are maintained.

Experience in programming and database management and basic knowledge of technology concepts and methodologies is required. Experience working with Linux, SAS, DB2/SQL, PERL, XML, web development skills (such as CGI scripting or ColdFusion), and relational databases (such as SQL server and Postgres) is highly desirable. An understanding of financial/ accounting principles and familiarity with the banking industry and Bank Holding Company structure is desirable.

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