Data Archivist

Posted to IASSIST on: 2007-08-31

Employer: UC DATA at UC Berkeley

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UC DATA seeks a Data Archivist with strong quantitative and organizational skills to support its mission in providing broad access to numeric data and support of research activities to UC faculty, staff and students. UC DATA is the principal social science data archive for the University of California Berkeley and a constituent unit of the Survey Research Center. In addition to its primary role in assisting the discovery, extraction, and use of an array of numeric social science data for faculty, staff and students at UCB, it also provides analysis of state programs and population trends, operates as a state data center for the Census Bureau, and provides support to affiliated faculty at the Survey Research Center.


  • Assist users with data discovery for numeric data, spatial data, and relevant print and online resources
  • Work with archive staff and other campus data providers to coordinate acquisitions and cataloging of data resources
  • Help users acquire data and convert data for use with statistical analysis software, providing technical programming assistance, as needed
  • Develop relevant web-based resources for data, including maintenance of numeric and spatial resource web pages
  • Conducts data seminars and workshops for classes on archival holdings, federal data collections, and machine-readable data relating to topics specified by faculty, librarians, or system wide staff
  • Promote use of the UC DATA archive and services and provides consulting services on machine-readable data for faculty, staff, student, and outside client inquiries
  • Develops written documentation for all phases of archival activities to assist clients in making full use of the facilities
  • Collaborate with staff on technical applications and collection development of locally maintained computer files
  • Coordinate with Berkeley’s Census Research Data Center to help users identify potential projects and data available for use


  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated experience in data analysis using large secondary data sets is required
  • Knowledge of professional office software is required
  • Experience with SPSS/Stata/SAS or similar statistical software packages
  • Experience with web authoring tools and applications - preferably knowledge of GIS software and applications
  • Knowledgeable about data producers including local, state, national and international organizations
  • Exceptional experience using spatial and numeric data for research, or working with faculty and students who are doing research with these resources


  • Knowledge of census data, particularly the decennial census of population and housing, and related federal government censuses
  • Ability to work with and integrate diverse data resources


Although the preferred candidate for this position will work 100% time, part-time candidates with extremely strong skills/background will also be considered.

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