IASSIST members only content

Membership administration site (iassistdata.info)

You can join, renew and manage your membership at iassistdata.info.

Your login is the email you used to register your membership.

  • Membership directory - View the membership directory and edit your profile.
  • Membership renewals - Renew your membership by viewing your profile and following the link in the Membership Details section. This is the most convenient way to renew if there isn’t a bundled conference registration and renewal payment available.
  • Administrative documents - All members can view the Annual Meeting documents and reports. Central location for links to other internal IASSIST business for Committee members; access to some internal documents is mediated by the Secretary.
  • IASSIST mail list and the list archive - Manage your subscription status. Information on how to access the mail list archives including your username and password.

Login is not needed for the public website iassistdata.org.