Data Citation Resources - IASSIST Special Interest Group on Data Citation (SIGDC)

This list of resources on data citation includes meetings, articles, current practices and research, and other developments of interest. It was assembled by the IASSIST Special Interest Group on Data Citation (SIGDC) in the spring of 2012. Be sure to look for the SIGDC’s session, Data Citations: Linking Literature to Data and Measuring Impact, at IASSIST 2013 in Cologne.

IASSIST Quick Guide to Data Citation

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Workshops, Symposia, Meetings

Principles of Data Citation, sponsored by Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards: An International Symposium and Workshop, sponsored by US CODATA and the Board on Research Data and Information in collaboration with CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices Agenda: Report:

Metadata and Persistent Identifiers for Social and Economic Data. Berlin, Germany, May 7-8, 2012.

Workshop on Persistent Identifiers for the Social Sciences, sponsored by the IDSC of IZA/Gesis/RatSWD

Kelly, M. C., & National Information Standards Institute. (2008). NISO Research Data Thought Leader Meeting. Baltimore, MD: National Information Standards Institute. Retrieved from

Best Practices

Best Practice Recommendations of da|ra – Registration Agency for Social and Economic Data, GESIS

DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2011, July). DataCite Metadata Schema for the Publication and Citation of Research Data. Version 2.2. doi:10.5438/0005

Ball, A. & Duke, M. (2012). ‘How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications’. DCC How-to Guides. Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre. Available online:

Blogs and Wikis

Research Remix blog posting - Resources on Data Citation Principles

DataCite Blog - Tracking Data Citation entry

Dryad Data Citation Guidelines wiki

Earth Science Information Partner Federation Data Stewardship/Citations wiki.


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Presentations and Videos

Corti, L., & Bolton, S. (2012). Webinar: Data Identifiers–How to Ensure Your Data is Properly Cited.

Piwowar, H. & Australian National Data Service (Producer). (2012). Data Citation Counts! [YouTube video]. Retrieved from

Piwowar, Heather. (2011). 7 data citations challenges illustrated with examples (includes elephants). JISC Managing Research data.

Citing Data from ESDS International. YouTube video.

Session B2: The IASSIST SIGDC Presents: Perspectives on Data Citation (Wed, 2011-06-01)
Session C2: DataCite - Making Data Citable (Wed, 2011-06-01)


Data Citation Awareness - ANDS (Australian National Data service)

Dataverse Network Citation Standard

ICPSR - Data Citations

Organizations, Committees

BRDI_DataCitations (Zotero Group)


CODATA, Task Force on Data Citation

Citation software