Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in 2020, among other (on-going) acts of violence against African Americans in the U.S., members of IASSIST felt compelled to gather materials that can help all of us better recognize, acknowledge and combat inherent racial bias. These members formed the Anti-Racism Resources Action Group in December of that year to compile the resources linked here. Since an action group by IASSIST’s definition is time-limited, it transitioned to being an Interest Group in 2022 and will continue indefinitely.

Resources gathered by members are grouped into two categories:

  • Under construction: Sources of data (in .csv format) on a variety of topics but all documenting racism and the Black experience internationally.

  • Under construction: Articles/toolkits/rubrics (in .csv format) for building anti-racism into the process of working with data across the research lifecycle.

The group is also collecting essays to briefly summarize varying national perspectives about collecting data by race.

Finally, the Action Group is co-sponsoring with IASSIST’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) webinars on related topics. Our first one was held 30 November 2022, and focused on the various countries’ perspectives on race and ethnicity as represented in the essays. Links to the slides and recording are available from the essays page.

Please send suggestions for additions to the resources lists, and speakers (and topics) to the Interest Group’s co-chairs, Michele Hayslett, michele_hayslett [ at ] and Anja Perry, anja.perry [ at ]

Please note: These resources will be reviewed periodically for their usage statistics. When usage drops, these resources will be retired.