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President* San Cannon
Vice-President* Robin Rice
Secretary* Lynda Kellam
Treasurer* Tom Lindsay

Regional Secretaries

Africa* Winny Nekesa
Asia/Pacific* Samuel Spencer
Canada* Carol Perry
Europe* Anne-Sofie Fink

USA* Stephanie Tulley

Members at Large (by region)

Term from 2019-2023

Canada* Dylanne Dearborn
Europe* David Schiller  
Europe* Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
USA* Bobray Bordelon
USA* Ashley Jester
USA* Ryan Womack

Term from 2017-2021

Canada* Amber Leahey
Europe* Laurence Horton
USA* Harrison Dekker
USA* Sophia Lafferty-Hess
USA* Amy Pienta

Ex-Officio Officers

Regional Treasurer (Canada) Amber Leahey
Regional Treasurer (Europe & Africa) Stuart Macdonald
Regional Treasurer (Asia & Pacific) Open
Editor, Quarterly* Karsten Boye Rasmussen
Editor, Web* Zac Painter
Archivist* Kelly Chatain
Past President* Tuomas J. Alaterä

Committee and Action and Interest Group Chairs

Constitutional Review Committee* Ann Green
Professional Development Committee*
Amy Pienta
IASSIST Fellows*
Florio Arguillas
Membership Committee* Jen Doty
Elections Committee*
Tuomas J. Alaterä
Communications Committee*
Tuomas J. Alaterä
Conference Program Committee 2019 Ashley Jester, Bobray Bordelon, Kelly Schultz  
Geospatial Interest Group (GEOIG)Jennie Murack
Amanda Tickner
Qualitative Social Science and Humanities DataInterest Group (QUSSHDIG)Sebastian Karcher
Alesia Montgomery

Health Data Interest Group (HDIG)Richard

Past Presidents

1976-1979 Carolyn Geda
1979-1982 Alice Robbin
1982-1985 Katherine (Sue) Bryant
1985-1988 Judith Rowe
1988-1991 Thomas Brown
1991-1995 Charles Humphrey
1995-1997 Elizabeth Stephenson
1997-2001 Peter Burnhill
2001-2005 Ann Green
2005-2007 Ernie Boyko
2007-2011 Melanie Wright
2015-2019Tuomas J. Alaterä

* Members of the Administrative Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the immediate Past President.

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    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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