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Statistical software in the news?

The Washington Post reports that the personal information recently stolen from the VA "was stored in a format that could make it difficult for thieves to use, according to an internal VA memo."
In the May 5 memo, VA privacy officer Mark Whitney wrote that the critical data "may not be easily accessible" because most of it -- including names, birth dates and Social Security numbers -- was stored in a specialized, standard format used for data manipulation and statistical analysis.
See the full article: "VA Data in Format Not Widely Used" By Christopher Lee.

Blog the Conference!

Welcome to the 2006 IASSIST Conference in Ann Arbor! For those who can't join in the fun, we have decided it's a good idea for us to blog the conference! Conference delegates: Use this post to comment with your thoughts on a session that really got you thinking.

Also - as our first plenary speaker, Dan Atkins requested, please comment on the NSF’S CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE VISION FOR 21ST CENTURY DISCOVERY (chapter 3), at

ESS wins prestigious Descartes prize

The European Social Survey (ESS) has won the prestigious Descartes prize, awarded by the European Commission for "excellence in scientific research". This is the first year that a social science project has won this prize. more...

New IASSIST Quarterly and 2006 Paper contest details

The IASSIST Quarterly (IQ Vol. 28 issue 4) is now available on the web and there is a paper contest running for 2006.

Papers from First E-Social-Science Conference Online

The papers from the first conference on e-social science, which was held in late June of 2005 in Manchester, England, are now online.

-Contributed by Jim Jacobs

IASSIST Members Participate in Social Science Week

As part of the celebration of ESRC Social Science Week (June 20-24, 2005) in the UK, guest authors were invited to post articles on a blog dedicated to this event. Three IASSIST members (Alastair Allan, Robin Rice and Melanie Wright) contributed pieces about online access to data.
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    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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