Statistical Literacy & Training Users

Integrating Data Literacy into Library and Information Science (LIS) Curriculum

By LHorton 2

January 16, 2020

IASSIST’s Africa Regional Secretary Ms. Winny Nekesa Akullo and Prof. Constant Obura-Okello report on a data workshop at Makerere University, Kampala. If you’re looking to orginise a similar regional or national data event, the IASSIST 2020 Event Sponsorship Proposals call is open until 26 January 2020. IASSIST’s Membership Committee’s event sponsorship program recently sponsored a one day workshop on Integrating Data Literacy into Library and Information Science (LIS) Curriculum. The workshop aimed at bringing academicians in the field of library and information science to discuss how data literacy can be integrated in the LIS curriculum so as to have trained library professionals who are able to provide data literacy skills to their patrons.

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Data Visualization Support Roles

By ALeahey

July 22, 2014

Hello IASSISTers, Since our last entry, the Data Visualization Working Group (DVIG) has been connecting through email to gather information and share knowledge about data visualization tools, best practices, teaching, and events of interest. A major theme of conversation has been open source programming frameworks like R statistical packages to conduct visualization. Many other non-programming tools have also been discussed and shared. The question of tools is not an easy one, and there are a lot out there!

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Registration for the Data Information Literacy Symposium is now open

By jrcarlso

May 22, 2013

Please join us for the Data Information Literacy Symposium at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, on September 23rd, and 24th 2013. Program: This symposium will explore roles for practicing librarians in teaching competencies in data management and curation to graduate students. With support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, librarians from Purdue University, Cornell University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Oregon have investigated this topic through developing and implementing “data information literacy” (DIL) instruction programs for graduate students in a range of science and engineering disciplines.

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Introducing the IASSIST Data Visualization Interest Group (DVIG!)

By ALeahey

March 31, 2013

Hello fellow IASSISTer’s  With the upcoming 2013 Conference nearing, we thought it very fitting to introduce you all to the newly created IASSIST Data Visualization Interest Group. Formed over the winter and now spring of 2013, this group brings together over 46 IASSIST members from across the world (literally across-the-world! check out the map of our locations), who are all interested in data visualization. We hope to share a range of skills and information around tools, best practice visualization, and discuss innovative representations of data, statistics, and information.

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Teaching integrity in empirical research: a soup to nuts protocol

By h.dekker

August 16, 2012

Great work by Richard Ball, an Economics professor at Haverford College and Norm Medeiros, a Haverford librarian. I’m already planning to incorporate their protocol into my formal and informal data literacy instruction. I highly recommend a visit to their website: Teaching integrity in empirical research: a soup to nuts protocol They’ve also published a paper on their work. Here’s the abstract: This article describes a protocol the authors developed for teaching undergraduates to document their statistical analyses for empirical research projects so that their results are completely reproducible and verifiable.

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Data can be cool


October 6, 2011

As I prepare to leave Guelph there are lots of things I will miss - but what I will maybe miss most is the Data Resource Centre and the creative people who work there. If you link to the picasa album below you will see some awesome posters they have made to showcase services and bring people into the world of Data and GIS. The images on some of the posters are really powerful….

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Torture, Numbers, and Digital Tape

The IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) volume 33 number 3 is now on the web: [] With this issue concentrating on quantitative investigations and the use of statistics, I came to think of the Mark Twain citation “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” With the violent title of the first article (see below), the article on numbers and statistics, and the report from a national statistics agency, the “Torture,Numbers, and Digital Tape” title surfaced.

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