iassist 2023

IASSIST Fellows 2023: Bridging Perspectives, Building Connections

By Sarah Young

September 11, 2023

IASSIST Fellows 2023 In June, we were excited to welcome four Fellows to Philadelphia from around the globe. They brought with them a diverse array of experiences, expertise and perspectives and an enthusiasm for learning more about the organization and making connections with other IASSIST members. We asked them about their IASSIST experience and here’s what they had to say! IASSIST 2023 Fellows and Members of the IASSIST Leadership pictured at the opening reception in Philadelphia.

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The Existential... Beyond the Data

By NoƩ Nessel

July 10, 2023

First of all, I must clarify that I am not ChatGPT. I am not a bot! This blog was written by a sentient human being who participated in the IASSIST 2023 Conference. IASSIST Fellows 2023 with IASSIST officials. Often, professionals from the Southern Hemisphere travel to the US to enjoy a greater sense of autonomy and an international experience. For me, attending IASSIST was a brief but important professional opportunity. I’d like to acknowledge the support of Kevin Manuel (Canada) and the rest of the conference program committee, who provided me an opportunity to present my work to this international audience.

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