RDA Congratulates IASSIST on Successful Conference

By m.vardigan

June 25, 2015

RDA Congratulates IASSIST on Successful Conference Earlier this month, several members of the Research Data Alliance had the pleasure of attending and participating in the 41st IASSIST Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the theme “Bridging the Data Divide: Data in the International Context,” the conference provided an ideal venue for us to exchange perspectives with attendees on numerous data-related challenges and trends as well as share recent accomplishments of the RDA.

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Brief IASSIST conference wrap up

By lyndamk

June 19, 2015

These are my brief notes from the sessions I was able to attend and take notes (a few times I was unable to stay in a session because of questions elsewhere). I would suggest looking at the twitter feed if you are interested. We had a new member taking sketch notes during the conference, which were quite popular. Also Laurence Horton from LSE took very detailed Google Doc notes and wrote a great blog post.

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iassist 2015: the conference song!

By walterg

June 17, 2015

Here it is, at long last - the words to the 2015 IASSIST conference song! Thanks to: Melanie Wright for her excellent guitar work, singing, and help with lyrics; Lisa Neidert, for lyric ideas; and the self-proclaimed Data-ettes (Daniel Edelstein, Joanne Webb, Kakia Chatsiou, Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, Victoria Mitchell), for their enthusiasm and wonderful work singing the choruses. A link to a video will be added once someone informs me of its existence!

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IASSIST 2015: Blog Post from a Data Librarian in Minneapolis

By LHorton 2

June 15, 2015

“Hey Charlie I’m pregnant and living on 9th Street”. Wait. I don’t know anyone called Charlie. I’m not pregnant and this isn’t 9th Street. I’m living in a dorm room at University of Minnesota contemplating how I managed to end up back in dorm living before succumbing to assisted living. The reason? IASSIST 2015. What follows is my take on this Aquarian Explosion: 3 Days of Data & Music. By the time we got to Minnesota we were a couple of hundred strong.

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Winner announced for first IASSIST Paper Competition

By robin

May 29, 2015

Dear IASSIST Members, In our call for this year’s conference we included a new Paper Track that would require members to submit a full paper in advance of the conference. We also created a best paper competition as an incentive to submit. I have the pleasure to announce a winner of our first IASSIST Paper Competition! The winning paper was “Sustainability of Social Science Data Archives: A Historical Network Perspective” by Kristin R.

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IASSIST Fellows Program 2014-15

By StuartIQ

November 12, 2014

The IASSIST Fellows Program is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for financial support to attend the IASSIST 2015 conference in Minneapolis [https://sites.google.com/a/umn.edu/iassist-2015/], from data professionals who are developing, supporting and managing data infrastructures at their home institutions. Please be aware that funding is not intended to cover the entire cost of attending the conference. The applicant’s home institution must provide some level of financial support to supplement an IASSIST Fellow award.

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