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Data Management and Curation

This page highlights resources for IASSIST members on the topics of good practice, standards, and activity in Data Management and Curation. Explore all the resources or limit the view to a particular topic by clicking on a tag name.

Data Curation Profiles Toolkit

The Data Curation Profiles Toolkit enables librarians, archivists, and others to deepen their understanding of researchers' practices and needs regarding research data.

University of Minnesota Libraries: Managing Your Data

The University of Minnesota Libraries: Managing Your Data site examines the research data lifecycle and offers tools and solutions for creation, storage, analysis, dissemination, and preservation of data. Includes an extensive list of funding agency guidelines and links to example data management plans.

Supporting Data Management Infrastructure for the Humanities (Sudamih): Project Outputs

The Sudamih Project Outputs contains presentations and training materials on data management.  Includes a bibliography on data management (PDF) covering topics such as policy issues, data sharing, digital curation and preservation, repositories, metadata, and personal information management.

Data Asset Framework

The Data Asset Framework provides organisations with a survey methodology to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.  Designed for UK Higher Education Institutions.

DATUM for Health: Research Data Management Training Search Engine

DATUM for Health's Research Data Management Training Search Engine is a customised Google search engine that contains web items (sites and documents) identified in a tailored literature review. Sources cover: research data management training, other relevant training, and content that would be useful as course materials or background reading.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC): Data Provider Information

Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC: Data Provider Information outlines practices that data collectors and providers should follow to improve the usability of environmental data sets. Contains manual on Best Practices for Preparing Environmental Data Sets to Share and Archive (PDF).

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN): Geospatial Electronic Records

CIESIN: Geospatial Electronic Records provides resources for managing and preserving geospatial/GIS (geographic information systems) data.

Australian National University: Data Management

Australian National University: Data Management provides an introduction to the topic, including information from local training courses, a manual on data management, and a data management plan template.

Data Seal of Approval

The Data Seal of Approval is a certification for data repositories who have demonstrated that they can ensure that in the future, deposited research data can still be processed in a high-quality and reliable manner, without entailing new thresholds, regulations, or high costs.

Digital Curation Centre (DCC): DMP Online

DCC's DMP Online is a web-based data management planning tool that assists researchers in creating personalized data management plans according to the requirements of major research funders. Researchers can create, store and update multiple versions of a data management plan at the grant application stage and during the research cycle. Covers UK Research Councils, Wellcome Trust, National Science Foundation (NSF) (partial), and GenInst.

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