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Data Management and Curation

This page highlights resources for IASSIST members on the topics of good practice, standards, and activity in Data Management and Curation. Explore all the resources or limit the view to a particular topic by clicking on a tag name.

University of Oxford: Research Data Management

University of Oxford: Research Data Management contains good practice research data management guidance for researchers, including a data management planning checklist with topic-specific guidance and common components of a data management plan.

Yale University Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure (ODAI): Data Management

Yale University ODAI: Data Management provides researchers with reasons for, and resources to, manage their research data. Includes real case example data management plans from National Science Foundation (NSF) grant applications made by Yale University researchers.

University of Michigan Library: Research Data Management and Publishing Support

University of Michigan Library: Research Data Management and Publishing Support contains resources for writing a data management plan, understanding and managing data, and using data in research. Its page on National Science Foundation (NSF) Data Management Plans provides guidance for preparing data management plans in compliance with NSF requirements for researchers, grant administrators and support staff. Contains real-case examples from various U.S. universities of actual submitted plans, as well as links to templates and tutorials.

California Digital Library (CDL): Manage Your Data

CDL: Manage Your Data provides guidance on data management plans, an overview of data requirements of USA funding agencies and general guidance on creating, organizing, managing, and sharing data by the California Digital Library. Data management planning information refers both to specific National Science Foundation (NSF) plan requirements and to more generic guidance.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries: Data Management and Publishing

The MIT Libraries Data Management and Publishing guide is aimed to provide academic researchers with practical tips for research data management. Includes guidance on a range of topics, covering both managing data during a project and sharing/archiving data upon completion. Includes page on developing data management plans.

Data Conservancy: Data Management Plan Template

The Data Conservancy's Data Management Plan Template is a template that addresses the elements of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) guidelines for data management plans, focusing on cross-cutting or common elements across NSF directorates.

DataONE: Data Management Plans

The DataONE Data Management Plans site describes the purpose of data management plans, with an outline plan and an example from environmental sciences. Information includes an overview of data management checklists currently in use across various organisations and support services, indicating common and unique topics across checklists.

Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu): Data Management Planning

Relu's Data Management Planning site has data management planning guidance, template and real-case examples of data management plans from the UK-based cross-disciplinary Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (social, environmental and biological sciences). Relu has its own data management and sharing policy and all funded projects are required to prepare a data management plan when they begin.

Australian National Data Service (ANDS): Guide to Data Management Planning

The ANDS: Guide to Data Management Planning from the Australian National Data Service offers generic guidance on data management planning aimed at all disciplines of research. The guidance gives a checklist of topics to include in a plan.

Government of Canada: Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Policy on Access to Research Outputs

The CIHR Policy on Access to Research Outputs demonstrates the CIHR's belief that greater access to research publications and data will promote the ability of researchers in Canada and abroad to use and build on the knowledge needed to address significant health challenges.

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