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Notice: The IASSIST Quarterly has moved

The IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) has moved to a new platform!  This enables a lot of positive enhancements behind the scenes for processing submissions and posting new issues, but will be mainly transparent for readers.  The link below will take you to the new site, including both new issues and our full backfile.

IASSIST Quarterly: Summer/Fall 2004

  • IQ Editor's Notes and Guest Editor's Notes
    Karsten Boye Rasmussen
    Wendy Watkins
    Full text (PDF)
  • Information Literacy, Statistical Literacy, Data Literacy
    Milo Shields
    Full text (PDF)
  • The Challenges of Integrating Data Literacy into the Curriculum in an Undergraduate Institution
    Karen Hunt
    Full text (PDF)
  • Creating a National Peer-to-Peer Training for Data Librarians in Canada
    Wendy Watkins
    Elizabeth Hamilton
    Ernie Boyko
    Full text (PDF)
  • Data and Statistical Literacy for Librarians
    Ann S. Gray
    Full text (PDF)
  • A Library Service Model for Digital Data Support
    Susan Czarnocki
    Anastassia Khouri
    Full text (PDF)
  • A Reference Model for Providing Statistical Consulting Services in an Academic Library Setting
    Kristi Thompson
    Daniel M. Edelstein
    Full text (PDF)
  • Survey Data in Teaching Project (SDiT): Enhancing Critical Thinking and Data Literacy
    Louise Corti
    Full text (PDF)
  • Focusing in on Student Learning Outcomes: How SDA Helped us get Data into the Classroom
    Aaron K. Shrimplin
    Jen-Chien Yu
    Full text (PDF)
  • IASSIST 2006 Call for Papers
    Full text (PDF)
  • IASSIST Quarterly

    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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