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Conference Presentations 2001

  • IASSIST 2001-A data odyssey: collaborative working in the social science cyber space, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Host Institution: University of Amsterdam
  • See also the complete program for 2001.

    Tuesday, May 15 - Workshops

    Workshop: Creating DDI compliant codebooks

    • Wendy Thomas, University of Minnesota [PDF]
    • Bill Block, University of Minnesota [PDF]

    Wednesday, May 16

    Plenary A0: Inter- and Intra- National Archives in the New Millenium: Issues, Strategies and Models

    • Data Disclosure by Kevin Schurer, University of Essex, UK Data Archive [PDF]

    Session B2: Implementing the DDI 1

    • Learning NESSTAR by Mari Kleemola, University Tampere, Finnish Social Science Data Archive [PDF]
    • NESSTAR - the data archive perspective by Margaret Ward, University of Essex, UK Data Archive [PDF]
    • Leveraging Gains in Metadata-based Knowledge Management and Data Access Systems: The DAIS NESSTAR Project. by Bill Bradley, Health Canada; Simon Musgrave, UK Data Archive University of Essex; and Jostein Ryssevik, Norwegian Social Science Data Services [PDF]

    Session C2: Implementing the DDI 2

    • Applications in the Real World - the Counting California experience with the DDI by Juri Stratford, UC Davis & Ilona Einowski, UC Berkeley [PDF]

    Session C3: Digital Archiving

    • Archiving Digital Academic heritage (ADA) by Heiko Tjalsma, NIWI, Netherlands Historical Data Archive [PDF]
    • EU initiatives in the digital document management and archiving area by Concha Fernandez de la Puente, European Commission, DG Information Society, Cultural Heritage Applications [PDF]

    Session D1: Networking and Infrastructure

    • From data graveyeards to knowledge greenhouses by Jostein Ryssevik, Norwegian Social Science Data Services and Simon Musgrave, UK Data Archive, University of Essex [PDF]
      [accompanying sound file: MetaDataBlues]

    Session D2: Metadata Systems

    Session D3: Tools for Data Services

    • Se busca: the perfect language. Limber as a 'metaboundary' tool by Myriam Garcia Bernabe, UK Data Archive, University of Essex [PDF]
    • MISSION (Multi-Agent Integration of Shared Statistical Information Over the [inter]Net) by Joanne Lamb, CES, University of Edinburgh [PDF]

    Thursday, May 17 - Conference

    Session F1: DDI-needs

    The DDI: Striking a balance to meet the needs of the data community by Wendy L. Thomas, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota [PDF]

    Tabular Data in DDI 1.1 by Emiel Kaper, Statistics Netherlands [PDF]

    Session F2: Data Disclosure

    Statistical Disclosure Control of Microdata at Statistics Netherlands by Ardo van den Hout, Statistics Netherlands [PDF only ]

    Session F3: Qualitative Data

    A Discussion of Validity in Qualitative Research by Anne Sofie Fink, Danish Data Archive [PDF]

    From the Field to the Net: Cataloguing and Digitising Cultural Research Material by Tiina Mahlamäki, University of Turku [PDF]

    The DDI and qualitative data by Arja Kuula, University Tampere, Finnish Social Science Data Archive [PDF]

    Session G1: New Archives (Forum)

    How to take advantage of existing information about studies when populating a new data archive: the ADP's experience by Janez Štebe & Irena Vipavc, ADP Social Science Data Archive, University of Ljubljana [PDF]

    Session H0: Poster Sessions

    The Africa Household Survey Databank: experiences in data collection, archiving and dissemination in developing countries by Antoine Simonpietri and Pascal Heus, World Bank [PDF]

    New developments at the EDINA UK datacentre by Barbara Morris, Data Library, University of Edinburgh [PDF]

    Friday, May 18

    Session J1: Leaning &: Teaching

    Data Support for Learning and Teaching: the Final Frontier? by Robin Rice, Edinburgh University, Data Library [PDF]

    Collaborative working in UK learning and teaching/development projects by Moira Massey & David Medyckyj-Scott, University of Edinburgh, Data Library [PDF]

    The Virtual Training Suite: Internet Skills for Learning and Teaching by Heather Dawson, BLPES/SOSIG [PDF]

    Promoting effective learning through a data partnership by Andrew J. Beharrell & Andrew Hargrave, Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol [PDF]

    Session J2: Geo-Data

    Dealing with Macrodata - The Case of Regional Statistics by Michal Peleg, Israel Social Science Data Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem [PDF]

    Session J3: Aggregate Data & Internet (Data)

    Accessing OECD publications has never been easier by James Kitchen, Marketing Consultant, OECD [PDF]

    Delivering Unique Numeric Data on the Web: Projects, Platforms and Preservation by Ronald C. Jantz, Rutgers University [PDF]

    Globalization of information highways and the need for new forms of webdata and metadata by Dusan Soltes, Faculty of Management, Comenius University [PDF]

    Session K2: IASSIST

    IASSIST COLLABORATION EFFORTS IN AFRICA: Finding solutions to the challenges of international collaborative initiatives in the African Region by Julia Paris, Technikon Witwatersrand [PDF]

    Professional associations in transition to virutal communties for collaboration: the case of IASSIST (Part 1) by Repke de Vries, NIWI [PDF]

    Professional associations in transition to virutal communties for collaboration: the case of IASSIST (Part 2) by Karsten Boye Rasmussen, University of Southern Denmark [PDF]

    Session K3: DDI-Tables

    CRISTAL Data Objects. An Object Model For Cubic, Raw, or Intermediate STatisticAL data by Emiel Kaper, Statistics Netherlands [PDF]

    Using DDI Extensions as Intermediary for Data Storage and Data Display by Patricia Cruse & Marsha Fanshier & Fredric Gey & Margaret Low, California Digital Library, University of California [PDF]

    Describing Aggregate Data: The Enigma Variations by Wendy L. Thomas, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota [PDF]

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