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Conference Presentations 2011

  • IASSIST 2011-Data Science Professionals: A Global Community of Sharing, Vancouver, BC
    Host Institution: Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia

G3: Social Networks and User Engagement: Sharing Data and Knowledge (Fri, 2011-06-03)
Chair:Tuomas J. Alaterä, Finnish Social Science Data Archive

  • ScholarLib: Sharing Resources and Data by Linking Scientific Information Portals with Online Social Networks
    Peter Mutschke (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
    Timo Wandhoefer (presenter) (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
    Mark Thamm (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
    York Sure (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)


    Many studies have shown an increasing use of Online Social Networks for scientific work. Social networking platforms therefore provide the strategic chance of enhancing knowledge exchanging and networking processes in science by getting into a digital dialogue with a broader community and, in particular, by making use of the viral effects of Online Social Networks. However, Online Social Networks are usually not linked with scientific databases such that larger amounts of scientific content cannot easily be transferred to and shared via Online Social Networks. The major goal of ScholarLib therefore is to provide a framework for close coupling of Online Social Networks with scientific information portals. The goal is to make search functionality of portals available at Online Social Networks and, the other way around, to enrich scientific portals by social information provided by Online Social Networks. The paper presents a first prototype that links existing social networking platforms (e.g. Xing, iversity) to the German Social Science information portal sowiport, allowing the users in Online Social Networks to search, share and annotate publications provided by sowiport.

  • User Engagement and Collaboration: Challenges and Tools
    Sarah King-Hele (Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR), University of Manchester)


    We describe conventional approaches to user engagement and contrast this with other methods that are being explored by the MethodBox team at the University of Manchester. Approaches that ESDS Government uses to engage with users include formal dialogues through user meetings and consultations, presentations and other forms of broadcast. This has more recently included the use of social media. We have also attempted to encourage collaboration between users by sharing information about users where possible and encouraging users to meet physically and share expertise at events. MethodBox is a new tool designed by a team at Manchester under the auspices of the E Social Science Programme and the myGrid platform. ESDS Government has collaborated with this team in order to make the Health Survey for England available in a Virtual Research Environment. This tool provides scope for researchers to collaborate within an online environment, sharing ideas, syntax and data. Users are encouraged to share their syntax and workflow to allow reuse by other registered users. The designers have been mindful of the needs of policy users who may find traditional access methods daunting.


G4: Data Service Initiative for Social Science and Humanities, DASISH (Fri, 2011-06-03)
Chair:Hans Jørgen Marker, Swedish National Data Service

Plenary III (Fri, 2011-06-03)
Chair:Andrea Reimer - Councillor, City of Vancouver

  • Open Data in Vancouver: The Inspiration and the Vision
    Andrea Reimer (City of Vancouver)


    Andrea Reimer is a Councillor for the city of Vancouver and is a passionate advocate for democracy and civic engagement. The City of Vancouver has led the way with the adoption of a resolution in May [2009] that endorsed open and accessible data, open standards, and open source software. Ms Reimer has been heavily involved in this initiative and will share her passion with IASSIST.

  • IASSIST Quarterly

    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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