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Conference Presentations 2009

  • IASSIST 2009-Mobile Data and the Life Cycle, Tampere, Finland
    Host Institution: Finnish Social Science Data Archive and the University of Tampere

A1: Tools and Implementations of DDI 3.0 (Wed, 2009-05-27)
Chair:Wendy Thomas (Minnesota Population Center)

  • Panelist 3: Colectica
    Jeremy Iverson (Algenta)
  • Panelist 4: MISSY2
    Oliver Hopt (GESIS)
  • Panelist 5: Exanda
    Joachim Wackerow (GESIS)
  • Panelist 6: IAB FDZ Research Data Center
    Dana Mueller (IAB)
  • Panelist 7: Canadian RDC
    Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta)
  • CentERdata's LISS System
    Alerk Amin (Tilburg University)

A2: Semi-Permeable Boundaries Among Institutions (Wed, 2009-05-27)
Chair:Jon Stiles (UC Berkeley, UCDATA Archive)

  • Panelist 1: The Canadian Scene(s)
    Laine Ruus (University of Toronto)
  • Panelist 2: Facilitating the Flow of Between Service Settings
    Libbie Stephenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
    J. Stiles (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Panelist 3: Data Services Cross Training for Librarians
    Harrison Dekker (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Panelist 4: Non-Public Data and the Census RDC at Berkeley
    Jon Stiles (University of California, Berkeley)
  • IASSIST Quarterly

    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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