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Tales from the lab: A case study of metadata & data management in complex behavioral studies

Presenter 1
Pernu Menheer
University of Minnesota
Presenter 2
Andrew Sell
University of Minnesota

The nature of complex human subjects research experiments makes them inherently ambiguous and dynamic for those developing and administering the experiments. There is often no blueprint on how to best develop and program these complex experimental studies; most are undertaken precisely because they have not been done before. However, innovation in experimental data collection often comes at the expense of the ability to use established methods and tools to compile metadata and paradata. Thus, the programmers who decide how to develop the code and programs used to administer the experiments also have considerable discretion in how to collect and compile the associated data and metadata. We will describe our experiences with developing complex human subjects research experiments and how adopting good practices in metadata and data management has improved the quality of our research support.

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