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Panel: Towards an Integrated Model for Access to Official Microdata in Europe: First Findings from the FP7 DwB Project

Presenter 1
Paola Tubaro
National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)-Réseau Quetelet
Presenter 2
David Schiller
Und Berufsforschung Der Bundesagentur Für Arbeit (IAB)

The session will present for discussions some preliminary outputs from the FP7 Data without Boundaries project about standards and harmonization issues for discovery, metadata, accreditation and access to official microdata within the European context. M. Wittenberg, M.Priddy, J.Sherpherdson ("Desired portal functionality for effective resource discovery on OS data across Europe") present the work undertaken about desired portal functionality for effective resource discovery: researchers expectations, constraints due to diversity in content and technical level of the various resources, metadata issues and identify the next steps for a possible architecture for the portal. C.Jayet, R.Fleureux, A. Mack, Ch. Wolf "(Servicing researchers in the use of European OS microdata") set forth the tools employed to cope with the difficulties encountered in using the existing metadata standards (DDI2 and 3) in the specific European case when documenting study programmes, studies and datasets from numerous institutions and countries and the metadata scheme proposed for documenting European official microdata both at national and European level with the aim of building a Service Centre for OS microdata in Europe. R. Silberman, P. Tubaro, M. Cros, B. Kleiner ("Access to official microdata and researcher accreditation: State of the art and future perspectives in Europe") map similarities and differences in national access and accreditation arrangements while pointing at commonalities for inter-operability and, ideally, adoption of common standards. D. Schiller ("A pilot for an European Remote Access Network - first results and upcoming challenges") presents preliminary outputs about the concept and architecture of a European distributed remote access for confidential official microdata coping with current legal constraints within Europe, security and standard issues, technical feasibility and researchers needs.

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