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Research Data and Open Access

Presenter 1
Nanna Clausen
Danish Data Archive

For many years the data archives have concentrated on the preservation, documentation and dissemination for secondary analysis of research data from the social sciences. The research libraries are holding the researchers’ publications based on their data. In Europe the research libraries have begun to be interested in either holding the research data or making open access to the research data and open access to the publications. This paper will firstly present the ongoing projects and efforts of the research libraries that have as objective to investigate the whole area of data discovery and data preservation and linking of publications and data. The paper will secondly discuss the role of the data archives and the research libraries: what is the role of the data archives in the process? How can the data archives’ experience with long time preservation contribute? Will or shall we co-operate more closely with the research libraries? Can DDI be used by both communities?

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