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Conference 2008 Presentations

Tuesday, May 27


Track A:

Workshop 1: Putting DDI 3.0 to Work for You! Part I
Sanda Ionescu and Mary Vardigan, ICPSR, with support from Arofan Gregory and Wendy Thomas

Workshop 2: Putting DDI 3.0 to Work for You! Part II
Arofan Gregory and Wendy Thomas, with support from Sanda Ionescu and Mary Vardigan

Track B:

Workshop 3: Social Science Data Librarianship: A University Curriculum
Fred Gey and Chuck Humphrey

Workshop 4: Supporting Undergrads with Data: IASSIST Education Committee
Paula Lackie, Carleton College; Kristin Partlo, Carleton College; Michelle Edwards, University of Guelph

Workshop 5: Confidentiality for Beginners
Oliver Watteler, GESIS

Track C:

Workshop 6: Depositors Are Doing It for Themselves: UK Data Archive
Ken Millar, UKDA; Steve Hassan, UKDA

Workshop 7: Using KnowledgePlex DataPlace: A Nationwide Course for Community Data
Kathryn Petit, Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, The Urban Institute; Bill Talcott, KnowledgePlex, Inc.

Workshop 8: Google Data API
Harrison Dekker and Tim Dennis, Library Data Lab, UC Berkeley


Wednesday, May 28

Plenary 1

New Approaches to Complex Data Management [PDF]
Catherine Ruggles


Concurrent Sessions

A1: DDI and Related Tools: Next Generation Tools for Converting, Displaying and Visualising Data

Chair: Wendy Thomas, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

  • Jannik Jansen, Data Danish Archive
  • Pascal Heus, Open Data Foundation
  • Joachim Wackerow, GESIS/ZUMA
  • Jeremy Iverson, Algenta
  • Dirk Roorda, DANS
  • René van Horik, DANS

A2: Describing Data and Data Use

Chair: Jon Stiles, UC Berkeley

  • Best Practices Documents - Are They Really Necessary? [PDF]
    Michelle Edwards, University of Guelph, Jane Fry, Carleton University, and Alexandra Cooper, Queen's University
  • Assessing the Scientific Benefits of Interdisciplinary Use of Social Science Data through Citation Analysis [PDF]
    Robert S. Chen, Joe Schumacher, Bob Downs, and Chris Lenhardt (CIESIN)
  • Data Description and the Terminal Approach [PDF]
    Dan Gillman, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Persistent Identifiers: Cornerstone in a Web Oriented Scientific Environment [PDF]
    Maarten Hoogerwerf, DANS

A3: Moving Research Data Into and Out of Institutional Repositories

Chair: Gretchen Gano, New York University


  • Robin Rice, EDINA & Edinburgh University Data Library, DISC-UK DataShare project [PDF]
  • Gail Steinhart, Cornell University Library, Mann Library Data Staging Repository (DataStaR) [PDF]
  • Libby Bishop, University of Leeds, Timescapes Project, University of Essex, UK Data Archive [PDF]
  • Katherine McNeill, MIT Libraries, DSpace and the Harvard-MIT Data Center [PDF]

A4: Web Tech: Presentation and Design

Chair: San Cannon, Federal Reserve Board

  • Using Pictures to Tell a Story: Mapping Economic Data for Researchers and the Public [PDF]
    Katrina Stierholz, St. Louis Fed
  • Using the Web to Communicate Survey Metadata: Design, Development and Maintenance of the ESRC Question Bank [PDF]
    Julie Gibbs, University of Surrey
  • Welding a Website that (Might) Work: An Analysis of a Data Website Redesign at a Small Liberal Arts College [PDF]
    Rachael Barlow, Raether Library, Trinity College, Hartford

B1: Cultures of Data Sharing

Chair: Mari Kleemola, Finnish Social Science Data Archive

  • Life Cycle of and Open Access to Research Data in Finland [PDF]
    Tuomas J. Alatera, Finnish Social Science Data Archive
  • Barriers to Data Archiving and Sharing in Health Research – Lessons from a User Study
    Lone Bredahl, Danish Data Archive
  • Asian Social Science Data Accessibility
    Daniel C. Tsang, UC Irvine

B2: Tools for Data Visualization and Manipulation

Chair: Jane Weintrop, Columbia University

  • Stuart McDonald, University of Edinburgh [PDF]
  • Amy West, University of Minnesota [PDF]
  • Harrison Dekker, UC Berkeley

B3: What is Old is New Again

Chair: Gretchen Gano, New York University

  • Canada Year Book Historical Collection [PDF]
    Bernie Gloyn, Statistics Canada
  • Moving an Archive from Tape to Disk: A Case-Study at ICPSR [PDF]
    Bryan Beecher, ICPSR
  • Solving Study Metadata Puzzles: Case Studies from Roper Center Reprocessing Activities [PDF]
    Marc Maynard, Roper Center

B4: Something New, Borrowed, and Blue: Comparing Experiences in Developing Data Services

Chair: Libbie Stephenson, UCLA


  • Sheree Fu, The Libraries of the Claremont Colleges [PDF]
  • Lynda Kellam, University of North Carolina at Greensboro [PDF]
  • Susan Metcalf, Western Carolina University [PDF]

C1: In Data We Trust: Maintaining Confidentiality, Authenticity and Quality

Chair: Amy Pienta, ICPSR

  • Access to Labor Force Data in Germany [PDF]
    Dana Mueller, Research Data Center of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research
  • Continuing the GPO Trust Relationship through Authentication [PDF]
    Robin Haun-Mohamed, US Government Printing Office, Gil Baldwin, US Government Printing Office, Virginia Wiese, US Government Printing Office
  • Toward A Web of Trust [PDF]
    Laurents Sesink, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

C2: Facilitating Data Access: Developing Multi-Function Access to Data Collections

Chair: Eleanor Read, University of Tennessee

  • ODESI: Creation of a Web-based Data Exploration Portal [PDF]
    Paula Hurtubise, Carleton University
  • Providing Access to "Born Digital" Archival Data in an Era of Search Engines [PDF]
    Margaret O. Adams, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
  • Welcome to the SodaPop Shop - Data Fast and Fizzy and in Many Flavors [PDF]
    Kiet Bang, PRI, Penn State

C3: Session withdrawn

C4: International Outreach: Open Discussion

Chair: Paula Lackie, Carleton College


  • Ernie Boyko, Carleton University
  • Faye Reagon, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa
  • Yakob Seid, Ethiopia Central Statistical Agency
  • Lynn Woolfrey, DataFirst Resource Centre, University of Cape Town

Thursday, May 29


From Best Practices to Best Guesses - The Impact of Technology on Knowledge and Understanding


  • Elizabeth Miller

D1: Metadata: Enhancing Access to Data Resources

Chair: Katherine McNeill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Data and Knowledge Management at the Federal Reserve Board [PDF]
    Andy Boettcher, Federal Reserve Board
  • Making Sense of the Census: Creating a Census Aggregate Information Resource Demonstrator
    Justin Hayes, Mimas, University of Manchester
  • Searching for Datasets and Variables with SDA
    Tom Piazza and Charlie Thomas, UC Berkeley
  • Variables, Datasets, and Finding What You Want [PDF]
    Dr. Anthony Rafferty & Sam Smith, University of Manchester

D2: Data Discovery and Dissemination: Linking Librarians, Vendors, and Archives

Chair: Shawn W. Nicholson, Michigan State University [PDF]


  • Terrence Bennett, The College of New Jersey, and Shawn Nicholson, Michigan State University [PDF]
  • Austin McLean, ProQuest [PDF]
  • Myron Gutmann, ICPSR [PDF]

D3: Numeracy, Quantitative Reasoning and Teaching about Data

Chair: Wendy Watkins, Carleton University

  • Innovation in the Use of Data for Teaching and Research : The Russian Case
    Anna Bogomolova and Tatyana Yudina, Moscow State University

  • Numeracy at the University of Guelph: One Year Later - Where Are We Now? [PDF]
    Michelle Edwards, University of Guelph
  • Teaching, Testing, and Assessment in a Quantitative Reasoning Course: Taking Aim at a Missing/Moving Target [PDF]
    Lisa Neidert, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
  • Torturing Nurses with Data [PDF]
    Kristi Thompson, University of Windsor

E1: Data Security and Access: Connecting from Afar

Chair: Jane Roberts, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

  • The Development of Remote Access Systems [PDF]
    Tanvi Desai, Research Laboratory, London School of Economics
  • (Meta)Data and Remote Computing at IdZA: Experiences from IZA [PDF]
    Nikos Askitas, IZA
  • Secure Remote Access to Statistical Microdata [PDF]
    Tim Mulcahy, NORC

E2: Under the Hood: Choosing a Standard

Chair: Dan Gilman, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Practical Metadata Lessons: Utilising Metadata Standards for Archiving Data at Statistics New Zealand [PDF]
    Euan Cochrane, Statistics New Zealand
  • SDMX and the DDI: Using the Right Tool for the Job [PDF]
    Arofan Gregory, Open Data Foundation
  • Using XBRL to Reengineer a Data Collection and Collaboration Process [PDF]
    Linda Powell, Federal Reserve Board

E3: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Data on the Web from Vision to Practice to Sustainability

Chair: Wendy Watkins, Carleton University

  • Evidence on the Web: The ZACAT Data Portal [PDF]
    Ekkehard Mochmann, CESSDA

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - The Vision [PDF]
    Bo Wanschneider, University of Guelph

  • Tomorrow - Ensuring Sustainable Data and Metadata for the Future [PDF]
    Mary Vardigan, ICPSR

Friday, May 30

F1: Implementation, Application, and Sharing of DDI Resources

Chair:: Stefan Kramer, Yale University

  • Metadata Share Project (MSP) [PDF]
    Joel Herndon, Duke University, Rob O'Reilly, Emory University
  • Creating Enriched Publications with MPEG-21 DIDL, DDI 3.0 and Primary Research Data
    Rob Grim, Tilburg University, Paul Plaatsman, Erasmus Data Service Centre
  • DDI 3.0: Final Revisions and Future Directions
    Arofan Gregory, Open Data Foundation and Wendy Thomas, Minnesota Population Center
  • Documentation of German Labor Force Data at the IAB: First Experiences with DDI 3.0
    Claudia Lehnert, Institute for Employment Research, Joachim Wackerow, GESIS/ZUMA

F2: Integration and Linking: Bringing Data and Documents Together

Chair: Hans Jorgen Marker, DDA

  • Data in DSpace: Linking Archival Primary Documents and Quantitative Datasets [PDF]
    Ann Marshall, University of Rochester
  • Implementing a Digital Repository for the Preservation of Interdisciplinary Data [PDF]
    Robert R. Downs and Robert S. Chen, CIESIN, Columbia University
  • KombiFiD – Combined Firm Data for Germany [PDF]
    Tanja Hethey and Anja Spengler, Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research
  • We Inhabit the Same World: Integrating Socio-economic and Environmental Data [PDF]
    Dr. Veerle Van den Eynden, UKDA

F3: The Challenges of Data Preservation

Chair: Libby Bishop, University of Leeds

  • Aligning Digital Preservation Policies with Community Standards [PDF]
    Nancy McGovern, ICPSR
  • Challenges in Preserving Neuroimaging Research Data [PDF]
    Angus Whyte, University of Edinburgh, Digital Curation Centre
  • Planning Against Failure – It's Not All about Technology [PDF]
    Dr. Lucia Lotter, Human Sciences Research Council, Marie-Louise van Wyk, Human Sciences Research Council
  • Preserving Social Science Data: How Much Replication Do We Need? [PDF]
    Myron P. Gutmann, ICPSR, Nancy Y. McGovern, ICPSR,Bryan Beecher, ICPSR , T.E, Raghunathan, University of Michigan

G1: Innovation in the Use of International Data for Teaching and Learning

Chair:: Celia Russell, University of Manchester

  • Measuring Development Results: The Story Behind the Numbers [PDF]
    Eric Swanson, World Bank
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development [PDF]
    Joachim Doll, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Learning and Teaching with the ESDS International Data Service [PDF]
    Jackie Carter, Mimas, University of Manchester

G2: Licensing, Privacy and Protection

Chair: Libbie Stephenson, UCLA

  • IRB Issues and Archival Data: From Data Deposit to Data Use [PDF]
    Amy Pienta, ICPSR
  • The Digital Locked File Cabinet: A Problem of Metaphor [PDF]
    Thomas Lindsay, University of Minnesota, Kristen Houlton, University of Minnesota
  • Becoming a Legitimate Data Repository: When Policy and Practice Collide [PDF]
    Libbie Stephenson, UCLA

G3: Beyond Numbers: Preserving and Delivering Non-numeric Collections

Chair: Jennifer Green, University of Michigan

  • Shakespeare 2.0 - New Challenges in Preservation [PDF]
    John Venecek, University of Central Florida , Elizabeth Konzak, Hoover Institution
  • Sounding It Out: Sharing and Disseminating Audio-Visual Data [PDF]
    Mus Ahmet and Louise Corti, UKDA
  • Two New Content Services on the 1956 Institute Portal [PDF]
    Zoltan Lux, 1956 Institute

H1: The CESSDA ESFRI Project - Setting Up a One-Stop Shop for European Data

Chair: Ken Miller, UK Data Archive [PDF]

  • The Vision and Requirements - Legal, Financial, Governance [PDF]
    Kevin Schurer, UK Data Archive
  • The Infrastructure - Availability, Authentication and Access [PDF]
    Atle Alvheim and Vigdis Kvalheim, NSD
  • The Services - Data Discovery, Harmonisation, Analysis and Dissemination [PDF]
    Uwe Jensen, GESIS-ZA
  • The Staff - Professionalisation, Network of Excellence, Training [PDF]
    Adrian Dusa, RODA
  • The Widening – Exploring Potentials and Possibilities of Extending the Research Infrastructure [PDF]
    Brigitte Hausstein; GESIS-SAEE

H2: New Data, New Tools: the State of Software Development at the Minnesota Population Center

Chair: Peter Clark and Bill Block, University of Minnesota

  • A Unified System for Processing Microdata Projects with Disparate Hierarchical Data Models
    Justin Coyne, University of Minnesota
  • Domain Specific Languages for Data Editing
    Colin Davis, University of Minnesota
  • Building an Extensible Data Access System for Longitudinal Surveys
    Marcus Peterson, University of Minnesota
  • Time Well Spent: Building a System for Time Use Research
    Benjamin Ortega, University of Minnesota

H3: Establishing Data Archives in Developing Countries: Some Initial Steps

Chair: Ernie Boyko, Carleton University

  • The Accelerated Data Program (ADP) in Latin American Countries [PDF]
    Medina Giopp, ADP/World Bank consultant
  • International Household Survey Network and Accelerated Data Program [PDF]
    Olivier Dupriez, World Bank Data Development Group
  • Accelerated Data Program - Sri Lanka [PDF]
    Mr. Bandulasena, Sri Lanka Department of Census & Statistics
  • Building a National Data Archive - Uganda's Experience [PDF]
    Kizito Kasozi, Uganda Bureau of Statistics
  • IASSIST Quarterly

    Publications Special issue: A pioneer data librarian
    Welcome to the special volume of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ (37):1-4, 2013). This special issue started as exchange of ideas between Libbie Stephenson and Margaret Adams to collect


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