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Data Reference in DepthTrade, Prices, Production, Consumption

Presenter 1
Amy West
University of Minnesota

Data services librarians are expected to be fluent in a range of sources dependent on the needs of their patrons. The data librarian needs to be prepared to move easily between often diverse subject areas. The presenters in this session will give participants a sampling of a data librarian's "day in the life" by highlighting a few major subject areas and their primary data sources. Participants will get a head start on dealing with some particular reference challenges by getting an introduction to some key sources and particular challenges that crop up in a sampling of different areas. First, Amy West will lead us through the world of International Trade, Commodities, Prices and Production. Next Lynda Kellam will move to the U.S. with a focus on the major changes to occur with the U.S. 2010 Census and American Community Survey. Walter Giesbrecht will cover labor with a look at both national and international sources as well as the problems of harmonization. The developing world will be the focus of Kristi Thompson's talk as she looks at survey data on International Development. Her focus will be on survey data on developing countries. She will look at some of the different groups that conduct surveys and make the microdata available: national, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank, and nongovermnetal organization sources such as the Demographic and Health Surveys. She will compare the major sources on topics covered, samples, geographic and temporal coverage, and access issues. Mary Tao will finish off with a timely look at data on the credit crisis. She will discuss where to start when a researcher asks for data/statistical information on mortgages, credit cards, financial institutions, and other financial crisis-related materials. Both fee-based and free resources will be covered in this presentation.

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