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VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists

Presenter 1
Jon Corson-Rikert
Cornell University
Presenter 2
Ellen Cramer
Cornell University

VIVO is a semantic web application developed by the Cornell University Library in 2003 to meet individual and institutional research discovery needs. Whereas initially Cornell depended solely on manual curation for the accumulation of content, much of the information is now automatically ingested from local data resources. VIVO stores data as distributed sets of Resource Description Framework (RDF) statements using concepts and properties from standard ontologies. Employing Linked Data principles (, globally unique identifiers (URIs) for the national network’s resources are directly dereferenceable on the Web, allowing access to the RDF data using standard HTTP requests while presenting human users with a standard HTML representation through any Web browser. Resources at one distributed VIVO node can directly link to resources at any other VIVO node or to other similarly published resources on the Web, allowing automated clients to crawl, analyze, and re-represent the graph of data. Information from local VIVO systems will be aggregated into distributed indexing nodes for full text or RDF queries using the SPARQL language, for network analysis, and for visualization. VIVO has been independently deployed at multiple universities in the U.S, and in Australia and China. The NIH VIVO project will address scalability through multiple independently administered but coordinated installations sharing a common, extensible ontology and supporting direct cross-linking as described above. VIVO can therefore provide a customized and extensible presence at the diverse participating institutions and provide convincing and varied models for propagation under full local institutional control in the national context. The ability to create and add additional content models and integration with existing data resources are supported.

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