Special Interest Group on Data Citation

This is a description of a former Interest Group

The IASSIST Special Interest Group on Data Citation (SIGDC) was created to promote awareness of data-related research and scholarship through data citation. Citing data supports the discovery and reuse of data, leading to better science through the validation of results. It also recognizes data as an essential part of the scientific record.

SIGDC co-chairs: Hailey Mooney & Elizabeth Moss

Past chairs: 2010-2012 Mary Vardigan & Michael Witt

You can learn more about the interest group and its formation by reading our charter.

IASSIST members can join the SIGDC and communicate with the group by email by subscribing to our Google Group.

What has the group been up to?

The SIGDC has organized programs on data citation for the annual IASSIST conferences. In 2011, we worked with DataCite to put together an entire day of programming on data citation. In 2012, the SIGDC presented a poster on data citation and distributed our IASSIST Quick Guide to Data Citation (see below for more information about the Guide). In 2013, the SIGDC hosted a session at the annual meeting in Cologne called, Data Citations: Linking Literature to Data and Measuring Impact. Read the session description here: http://www.iassist2013.org/program/sessions/session-a4/#c199

The SIGDC ocassionally adds news and articles on data citation to the IASSIST blog.

We have been working with groups that provide citation management software such as EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley, to encourage them to include “dataset” as a type of citable resource. Many are doing this now!

We have mounted an outreach campaign, writing letters to publishers of style guides to encourage them to include instructions to authors on how to implement best practices on citing data using their format.

We have created and curate a list of resources on the topic of data citation.

If you’re interested in the topic of data citation, we welcome you to join and participate in the SIGDC!

IASSIST Quick Guide to Data Citation

The SIGDC is very pleased to announce the publication of the IASSIST Quick Guide to Data Citation! This effort was led by Michael Witt, Hailey Mooney, Robert Downs, and Michele Hayslett with input from many others. Graphic design and production support was generously provided by ICPSR. Printing was provided by IASSIST. Special thanks to Elizabeth Moss, Jenna Tyson, and Mary Vardigan.

Professionally-printed guides will be available at the IASSIST 2012 conference; come by the SIGDC poster to pick up your complimentary copies!

How to get more copies and/or other formats of the Quick Guide to Data Citation brochure:

1. To order more brochures from the original printer:

If you wish to customize the brochure with your organization’s name and contact information, you can do so. You will not need to provide the brochure files or printer instructions. Merely contact Lisa Stahl at Phoenix Innovate, and she’ll guide you through the process.

Lisa Stahl, 248.457.9000 | main 248.519.0462 | direct LStahl [ at ] PhoenixInnovate.com

2. To link to an HTML version:

You can use the email-friendly HTML color version or HTML limited color version (best for printing).

3. To get a PDF version that you can customize:

You can use the file formated as an 8x10 pdf. To customize, fill out the form on the last page with your organization’s name in the top box and contact info in the bottom box. Print in black and white or color on your own printer. Here is a low-resolution PDF for printing from the web.

4. To print the brochure at your own off-site print vendor:

Use the brochure file in its original format. (Note: There are many variables involved in producing a brochure, so the final product from your printer might not match the original brochure.) Along with the original file, give your printer the datacitation.zip file. It contains the fonts, images, and layout files. We recommend that you receive a printer proof in color prior to ordering the job.