Geospatial Interest Group (GEOIG)

The central purpose of the IASSIST Geospatial Interest Group is to create a network for members focused on issues of geospatial data as related to the social sciences.

Example topics include:

  • management and curation (e.g., best practices, integration of spatial and non-spatial datasets, preservation, metadata, etc.)
  • geospatial data collections & licensing
  • geospatial data resources (e.g., NHGIS)
  • tools and applications (e.g., industry standards, Open Source, web based, mobile etc.)
  • linked, open data advocacy
  • GIS services models
  • user support (e.g., questions from patrons)
  • problem solving (e.g, approaches to geocoding, joining spatial and attribute data)
  • geospatial awareness (e.g. promotion to new users)
  • documentation of spatial processing
  • geospatial discovery and access (e.g. portals, metadata, visualisation)

The IG’s shared goals are to:

  • regularly communicate through eLists, meeting at the annual conference and contributing to a community wiki
  • regularly contribute to the IASSIST blog
  • create a list of resources and tips linked to the IASSIST website
  • develop and/or share practices, standards and protocols
  • develop a knowledge base of archived problems
  • look for opportunities for collaboration and engagement
  • training and skills development (e.g., tools, geospatial data use, resources)
  • establish core competencies and guidelines for GIS services in the social sciences
  • develop advocacy and statements with regard to open data
  • promote map literacy

Expected outcomes include developing a connected and informed group, opportunities for professional development through training, shared professional tools, resources for all IASSIST members to make use of, both members and non-members of the IG, and an elevated awareness of social sciences and place.

For more information please contact:
2020-2021 Co-Chairs: Jennie Murack, murack [ at ] and Amanda Tickner, atickner [ at ]