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Bobray Bordelon

Data Services Librarian and Pliny Fisk Librarian of Economics and Finance
Princeton University
How did you become involved in the world of data?: 
This was an add-on role to my job as a business reference librarian. That summer I attended Chuck, Jim, and Diane's the "Management of Machine-Readable Social Science Information" workshop which was my first introduction to data. In 1993, I left NMSU to come to Princeton University where the legendary Judith Rowe was the Data Librarian. Over the years, I worked primarily with macroeconomic and financial data. When Data and Statistical Services moved into the Library, I had the great privilege of working more closely with Judith. In between Judith's retirement and Ann Gray's arrival at Princeton, I answered most of the microdata questions. Princeton got lucky again when it recruited Ann Gray. When Ann retired in 2004, I assumed her duties in addition to my role as Economics and Finance Librarian. In 2006, I also began working with the Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive.
What do you value most about your membership in IASSIST?: 
IASSIST is an amazing group of dedicated professionals. The most valuable part of the membership is the network of international counterparts who can provide insight into the data of their respective nations.
What was your favorite IASSIST conference?: 
Do I have to pick only one? Edinburgh (2005) was my first but Montreal (2007) was the first where I really felt as if I had found my way. Each conference has offered something unique. What I particularly value about all IASSIST conferences is that they are small and one has a chance to get to talk to a large percentage of the participants over the course of the meeting.
What are some things you are working on currently?: 
Right now I am working on budgets, updating the CPANDA bibliography, chairing a search committee, and answering research questions.
When not working with data I…: 
Every chance I get, I travel. I have become particularly enamored with South America -- the people, the food, the culture. I hope that IASSIST can recruit some members from Latin America. I am also an avid movie fan and love food!
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