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RIN publishes report on researchers and discovery services

The UK Research Information Network "has published a report on the behaviour, perceptions and needs of researchers as users of discovery services."

Researchers and discovery services Behaviour, perceptions and needs (pdf)

One interesting quote:
The main uses of all the more general tools (such as Google, other forms of general web search and asking colleagues) are for more general background information activities. It is, however, worth noting that the general tools are also used to locate datasets whereas bibliographic tools are not. This suggests that datasets have not yet entered the mainstream as far as perceptions of how to locate them and that more focused tools are not providing the detail that researchers need.
- jajacobs


The workshop referred to

The workshop referred to above has a brief summary on the RIN website, but the draft document that was circulated, "Stewardship of digital research data: a framework of principles and guidelines" is not online, apparently, nor are the speakers' presentations. However, Michael Jubb from RIN did give a summary of the conclusions of their study that led to the draft policy document at the recent Digital Curation Centre, that powerpoint is available here: -Robin Rice

Also in the RIN conference

Also in the RIN conference mentioned above, a couple of documents on best practice on data/metadata management were also mentioned which might be of interest, see : They have been produced by the Intra-Governmental group on Geographic Information (IGGI)

Further to the above report

Further to the above report RIN recently organised a workshop - "Getting the most out of data, Making the most out of research" (5/12/06 - Royal Inst. of Public Health, London) - representatives from a number of the UK funding councils discussed the place of digital data in the scholarly communications process. As inconclusive as the workshop was regarding producing any guidance strategy to deal with data as a key output of research from across the disciplines (in UK 22 Billion pounds are spent annually on research and development) it did at least get the major stakeholders round the table to agree that something has to be done regarding the 'creation, collection, computation, collaboration, curation, capacity' and 'access' issues surrounding said output. UK Data Librarians who attended including myself) await further developments and workshops(?) with baited breath. (Upon collation of notes I may post further details). Stuart Macdonald Edinburgh University Data Library

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