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A Modest Set of Proposals

The conference is on and I'm hoping to see lots of blog entries from the interesting sessions today. I'm expecting some details on session A1 from another contributor but.... I've been asked by Kristin Partlo to pass along the proposals she and Rachael Barlow outlined at the end of their presentation for further comment. So here they are! This part of the session was on social bookmarking using sites such as and furl. Kristin and Rachael would like to see a collaborative use of such sites within the IASSIST community and have made some proposals to that end. Comment away and let the blogging begin!

Proposals for IASSIST

How can IASSIST use these [social bookmarking] technologies to create a more interactive community of data providers, users, and seekers?

Here are some ways we could start:
Proposal 1: Create a network of IASSIST members: Identify who within IASSIST is using tagging and bookmarking services. Share our usernames with each other

Proposal 2: Use a shared tag to link our bookmarks sets

Proposal 3: Decide on official tagging service for IASSIST members

Proposal 4: Develop a tagroll for the IASSIST blog?

Proposal 5: Teaching tagging to students and faculty
Submitted on behalf of Kristin Partlo.


Thanks, Kristin, for getting

Thanks, Kristin, for getting things started. To help kick things off as well, my user name in is rbarlow. Feel free to add me to your network if you have an account!

Just to start things off,

Just to start things off, even though it means essentially commenting on my own blog post, I just want to mention that everything I bookmarked during the conference, I tagged with IASSIST07 in my account. If you bookmarked anything, use the same tag. That way, when anyone goes to they will see links from the conference -- from all of us.

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