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IASSIST 2011 conference song lyrics


Sung to the tune of Bryan Adam's "Summer of '69" :

We all came to Vancouver
in spring 2-0-1-1
IASSISTers gather together
this is gonna be fun!

Day long Admin meeting
Ann skyped in for Constitutional change
and we kept it all to the schedule
Now that was really strange

oh, and when the Canucks won,
the cheering seemed to last forever
and that really set the scene
for the best IASSIST ever
These are the best days of IASISST


so many questions that you just can't answer
when metadata isn't standardized
in Japan/Europe/US and Australia
we're building apps to wrangle DDI

We love a plenary speaker
who gets there’s no one in the room who won’t
understand bias and stochastic error
‘cuz Canuck politicians sure don’t!

On the presidential 10K
Bill proved that he could run forever
As he takes up the reign
Down the Hill Bill, it’s now or never
Yours will be the best days of IASSIST


On Thursday our data warrior
Chuck gave a plenary
on the Main Street of infrastructure
where will the social sciences be?

Lynda looks much taller on Twitter
she and others kept us in the know
“Moderately protected” is like “a little bit pregnant”
Tweeters were the star of the show

This boat actually left the pier
and the booze began to flow
San and her two Walters hit the floor
All the data people know that
these are the best days of IASSIST

And so it’s been decided
Next year we’ll be in DC
then in Cologne the year after
planned ahead for two out of three!

Next week when we look back
Vancouver seemed to last forever
And if we had the chance
we know we’d always want to be there
It was the best IASSIST of all


Many thanks to our talented musical director (and past President) Melanie Wright, and everyone else who sang and listened; truly the best IASSIST conference song ever!

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