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The IASSIST 2007 song!

Here it is: music by Leonard Cohen, lyrics by Melanie Wright and company. Now you can sing along to the YouTube video.

Open Data

We made our way to Montreal Where everybody knows f&*% all And no one's gonna tell you "see you later." Admin committee steaming hot Went on and on 'til we asked what Does all this have to do with Open Data?

Chorus: Open Data, Open Data, IASSISTERs / here to cheer / Open Data.

Tuesdays workshops best ones yet One through six were quite a set But what were they about? They gave us drinks, though. Reception at the Faculty Manse Where Ernie bravely took the chance To welcome us in French(?) – at least we think so.


Arofan called users "Chimps" "Gastrointestinal issues" crimped The style of more than Chuck – a nasty feeling. Thin walls meant we got two talks for one (that Windows Update's still not done) Evacuate! Watch out! Here comes the ceiling!


Alison's lifetime achievement praised And fundamental issues raised About the ddi (fermez la bouche, man) Posters great, with lots to click Two pool tables, one cue stick If you're too full to finish, Meredith can!


Thursday we heard from Denise Being a statistician means You never, ever have to say you're certain. At the business lunch, Jen gave us pie, And "Gimmee Gimmee" Karsten cried But was he truly desperate, or just flirting?


The Banquet barge was full of class Our excess hot air steamed the glass But at least we left the pier and even tacked, too Dancing wild we regained our youth Turkey Action taught this truth: You don't steal Wendy's punchline, or she'll whack you!


Now it's time to say goodbye With many a tired and teary eye We're having so much fun, it's hard to halt, so We'll not say bye, but au revoir No matter if you're near or far We'll see you all next year, in Palo Alto!


Submitted by San Cannon


Oops, I see it's in the

Oops, I see it's in the previous entry,

What is the URL to the utube

What is the URL to the utube video?

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