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Data Video at Gapminder

At Gapminder there is a link to a video of Hans Rosling's TED Talk Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA. Rosling is professor of international health at Sweden's world-renowned Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a non-profit that brings vital global data to life.

The video is definitely worth watching! It is interesting technically as a demonstration of data-visualization that is way beyond what we usually see. But it is also interesting because of the content of the data and how Rosling uses data visualization to "debunk a few myths about the 'developing' world." It is also worth watching to see Rosling's brief but powerful vision of access to data: the limitations of today's systems and the possibilities for tomorrow's systems. Enjoy!
Gapminder is a non-profit venture for development and provision of free software that visualise human development. This is done in collaboration with universities, UN organisations, public agencies and non-governmental organisations. Gapminder is a Foundation registered at Stockholm county administration board (Länstyrelsen) (reg. nr. 802424-7721). It was founded by Ola Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Hans Rosling on 25 February 2005, in Stockholm. Gapminder Foundation will advance software development that have been done earlier by the non-profit company Gapminder Ltd. Funding has been and is mainly by grants from Sida for the Trendalyzer project. Being a producer of global public goods Gapminder benefit from free and creative inputs from pilot-testers and other end-users in many institutions and organisations.
There are other copies of the video here and here.-- Jim Jacobs


I finally got around to

I finally got around to seeing this video of gapminder and it totally blew me away. It's ability to show 5 dimensions (I think it was 5 - fertility rate, life excpectancy, time, poulation and region) in a way that really only requires you to watch to understand is powerful. Clearly the presenter was fun and engaging, but you could sense the audience wasn't waisting time trying to decipher what was being shown - they easily understood that and focused on his 'colour' commentary. They were engaged - what a powerful teaching tool. The concept is so simple and so obvious - I would love to know how easy it is to use. Stats can be fun for the masses - who knew ;-) Sidebar - this prentation was brought to my attention in a meeting the other day by one of our ERP IT folks who are building some BI tools for campus. Lots of politics around ownership and dissemenation of corporate data. They picked up on the last part of the presentation on access and related it to their problem. Small world, where we all seem to have similar challenges when you boil it down. Strongly encourage folks to watch this. Minutes 3 to 5 are especially interesting if you can't find the time for the whole thing.

[...] See also: Data Video at

[...] See also: Data Video at Gapminder for background on Gapminder. [...]

There's a lot happenning in

There's a lot happenning in the arena of visualization and another TED talk that is worth viewing is Jeff Han, a research scientist for NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, who shows off a multi-touch sensory screen that has a completely intuitive interface. One of the examples is using geospatial data and 3-D imaging effects. Link to YouTube video:

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