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Call for discussion: what do data librarians read?

Joe Doll would like to start a discussion: "I am in receipt of the IASSIST Quarterly journal but am wondering what other means/media data librarians read on a regular basis, be it a journal, newsgroup, magazine, blog."

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

- Contributed by Joe Doll via Bill Block


Thanks for all your comments.

Thanks for all your comments. Joanne Juhnke also mentioned that she gave a presentation at the 2006 conference covering this topic. Her site at seems quite complete. Joachim Doll OECD Washington Center

Harry Potter. Just

Harry Potter. Just kidding. Like Pam, newsletters and email announcements from data providers and relevant organisations in the UK; and also newsletters within the University, to keep up on what researchers (users) are doing. Try to keep some eye on developments in methods and social science research, such as through Social Science Computer Review, and Sage books. Also digital preservation & digital library developments to some extent, such as D-Lib magazine and Current Cites. There is a social science librarian's group (ALISS) which puts out a journal here as well as current awareness email. Lots of email lists, usually on, some blogs, and other internet-based reading. Sometimes the Times Higher Education Supplement and the Guardian's technology (Thursday) section. Robin Rice Edinburgh University Data Library

I follow a hodgepodge of

I follow a hodgepodge of sources, but let me just mention major ones I use for the purpose of collection development and discovering new data releases. I find the APDU monthly e-newsletter useful, perhaps the older ones more so because they had extensive articles on data series added to the National Archives and the like. Select Resources from the main page We're also a COSSA member, and those mailings are helpful for keeping abreast of statistical agency happenings. Subscribe at I also get the State Data Center e-mailings, useful for Census product news, but I think access to that list is limited to SDC coordinating agencies and affiliates. The Journal of Economic Perspectives has an occasional Data Watch column that focuses on a specific data series or topic (health economics, transition economies, etc.). This is the only regular data related column I'm aware of in the research literture. If there are others, especially in non-economic disciplines, somebody please let me know. Now that CODATA is on my professional radar screen, I'll start scanning issues of Data Science Journal:

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