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A bonnie IASSIST in Edinburgh

IASSIST 2005, hosted in Edinburgh from May 24-27, was a rousing success with over 200 participants attending over the four days of conference and workshops. There were many highlights, including a record number of presentations, an earth-shattering reception at Our Dynamic Earth, a joyful conference banquet and ceilidh at the Roxburghe Hotel, a maze of outstanding posters and demonstrations, two thought-provoking plenary sessions and a new conference wrap-up song by Melanie. Watch the IASSIST conferences page for the posting of the multimedia presentations from the twenty-five sessions. Plans are also under way to make photos available from the conference. We will keep you posted.


If you didn’t get a chance to

If you didn’t get a chance to hear the after dinner speech by Derek Law (Librarian and Head of Information Resources Directorate, Professor in the Department of Computing, and Head of the Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde) do check it out! It is posted on the IASSIST website here: Derek Law presentation (PDF) A good bit of fun! Information about Prof Law may be found here: Here is a little clip from the more serious side: Where we might be in 2017 •Retired •Raise a cluster of things I hope will have been resolved in one of those areas which I care passionately about but so far have failed to persuade the world I am right •E-research collections of the future •OAI servers and recognition as producers of information not just consumers •Digital research collections expanded at institutional level. •University IPR managers •Trusted repositories Which brings me right back to my theme of refreshing core competencies Trusted repositories: the five Maori tests •Receive the information with accuracy •Store the information with integrity beyond doubt •Retrieve the information without amendment •Apply appropriate judgement in the use of the information •Pass the information on appropriately And how do we get there? •Grown up thinking •Joined up networks •Seamless Martini education •A profession at ease with a knowledge society So finally, on your theme of evidence and enlightenment, David Hume said: "Truth springs from argument amongst friends. “

IASSIST/IFDO 2005 conference

IASSIST/IFDO 2005 conference photos are now online on the Edinburgh conference web site! Pre-conference Workshops Reception Conference Poster Session Dinner-Ceilidh Highland Weekend

To the tune of Caledonia by

To the tune of Caledonia by Dougie Maclean Arrived on Sunday for ddi; got reformed 'til we hardly recognised ourselves. Monday's admin meeting went on and on -- "There's no such thing as at large!" Tuesday was better, more ddi. We Nesstared up and we trained the trainers. Ice and Thunder at Dynamic Earth "Tracey, where's your ding dong, dear?" CHORUS: Let me tell you that I love you, that I think about you all the time IASSIST in Edinburgh: it's just like coming home. And if I should become a stranger, you know that it would make me more than sad 'cause this is the best IASSIST we've ever had! After late night fiddling in the pub, Roger Jowell gave us all good attitudes. His message rigorous yet accessible: "herding cats can be fun!" Lots of life cycles were in evidence; we talked about how to manage our bosses. Our one free evening spent shooting pool -- "So tell me, Chuck -- how'd it go?" CHORUS We met for business, heard we're doing fine; said goodbye to old friends and welcomed in the new. The poster trail led us through the woods from evidence to enlightenment. The ceilidh was great; Derek's speech was fun, but best of all -- all those men with skirts on! We tried a reel, twirling round and round "Ach, ye sassenachs cannae dance!" CHORUS John talked of individuals and social change and now we're gathered to say farwell. But we'll haul our bottles of single malt and haste ye back to Michigan next year! CHORUS

And on to Ann Arbor. Grasp

And on to Ann Arbor. Grasp the issues! Keep the conferences strong! Any ideas for a theme for IASSIST 06? Blog on. We'll get the program planning going soon, and invite everybody who is interested to get involved. There will be an email to the listserv in the next month calling for participation. But in the meantime, blog your ideas about the theme and possible sessions while our bonnie time in that glorious town is still alive in our memory and the sound of the pipes still ringin' in our ears.

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