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Blog the Conference!

Welcome to the 2006 IASSIST Conference in Ann Arbor! For those who can't join in the fun, we (the Pubs committee and the Admin Committee) have decided it's a good idea for us to blog the conference! (See San's fine example below.) Use this post to comment with your thoughts on a session that really got you thinking. And, (IASSIST members only): become an editor if you would like to post more frequently - contact San.

Also - as our first plenary speaker, Dan Atkins requested, please comment on the NSF’S CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE VISION FOR 21ST CENTURY DISCOVERY, at . He would like the IASSIST community's input especially on chapter 3, STRATEGIC PLAN FOR DATA, DATA ANALYSIS, AND VISUALIZATION (2006-2010). But he needs the comments soon, the current draft (5) has been out since January. Email your comments to

Contributed by Robin Rice


Note that the presentations

Note that the presentations are now up on the website (or most of them): So those who weren't there can enjoy in retrospect, and those who were can take a peak at what they missed in parallel sessions. Robin Rice

One of the many sessions that

One of the many sessions that I found very interesting was the session on data issues in the sciences. Parallel universe! Something to watch is Science Commons; if you haven't looked into those efforts, it is definitely worth tracking. This session presented a balanced and informed discussion of the objectives of data sharing and the all too real concerns about intellectual property, privacy, and loss of control over scientific results. I think this session fit well with the plenaries by Atkins and Lane, pushing us to think about the positioning of social science data and its network of services in a broader context. It was great to have Bob Chen, John Wilbanks, and Harlan Onsrud join the IASSIST community in Ann Arbor. Looking forward to their presentations online.

note that this publication

note that this publication has an earlier blog entry from Feb 2006

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