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Ann Green Completes Her Presidency Still Smiling

Ann Green completed her second term as President of IASSIST during the conference in Edinburgh Ann Green. A long-standing member of IASSIST, Ann served as Vice-President from 1997 to 2001 before serving as President from 2001 to 2005. She has been a excellent leader achieving many accomplishments during her tenure. She brought in a new strategic planning process into 2003, which resulted in a Strategic Plan released in May 2004. This Plan is now being integrated into the directions of our Standing Committees and Action Groups. During her two terms, IASSIST held four of its finest conferences in the cities of Storrs, Ottawa, Madison and Edinburgh. Under Ann's leadership, IASSIST continued its outreach to build relationships with the staff in new national data archives. IASSIST's firm commitment to the development of the Data Documentation Initiative is a tribute to the founding role Ann played in the formation of the DDI standard.

Ann served on the ICPSR Council and as the Chair of the ICPSR Council during this same time period. We were pleased to share Ann with the ICPSR but remind everyone that her heart belongs with us IASSISTers.

Thanks, Ann! Your intellect, vision and humour have been an inspiration to us all!


Sonnet for Ann Her gaze is

Sonnet for Ann Her gaze is wide and blue, and what she sees she may not say. But don't be fooled a minute -- the sharpness of the understanding in it's a scalpel sheathed. The bubbly front's a tease, disarming, charming and sincere, but still not nearly the whole story. Yes she's sweet like some bright red Thai condiment: the heat cuts through the fruit and slowly grows until you realise its power. And yes she's kind, the kind of kindness that does not suffer fools but neither makes them suffer. It's an art to gently wield the sweeping scythe-sharp mind without unwanted injury -- those pools of blue reveal her warm and loving heart.

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