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And we're off.... IASSIST 2008 gets ready to roll!

Now I start to fulfill my previous promise to completely and totally abuse my roll as managing editor of the IASSIST Communique to assist me in my roll as Program Chair of IASSIST 2008! I just want to let everyone know that we are off to a booming start. The submission deadline, although a full month earlier than in previous years, has provided a bumper crop of proposals! It seems that we're all technologists (geeks?) at heart and the theme for this year's conference has provided a spotlight for this!

I mention this because we really can't take any late submissions - unless you can come up with a really good bribe that is based in a currency other than the sinking U.S. dollar! - so please don't send any pleading requests. I also need to point out there is a non-zero probability that we won't be able to use all the submissions we have. Please be aware that the Program Committee will work very hard to accommodate as many presentations as possible but there may be some disappointment. For this, I apologize in advance. I may also be contacting author's over the coming weeks for further information or to discuss issues that may arise during the Committee's deliberations. So make sure that doesn't get caught by your spam blocker! Finally, in case you didn't notice the announcement, the conference website is up and running! Please check it regularly as we'll be updating things as necessary.

Suggestions, questions and comments are always welcome! The more participation we have, the easier it will be to make IASSIST 2008 the best IASSIST ever!



Apologies from the web

Apologies from the web team. The email contact is Will update the site. Robin Rice

A technical problem - I'm

A technical problem - I'm trying to reach the job posting contact and the email is returned undeliverable. Please help, as I have an excellent position in New York City that I'm recruiting talented folks for and your membership looks like it may yield some excellent candidates. Thanks, Diane Crothers (212) 669-4114

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