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And so ends "The Best IASSIST ever"

And another conference has passed. It's so sad to think that it will be another year before we get together again but at least we can play virtually on our lists, this blog and maybe even in SecondLife! I'm still trying to round up more conference reports but in the meantime, here's the official conference song lyrics. Sing to the tune of The Band's song "The Weight"

In case the tune doesn't come to mind immediately, here's a clip on YouTube from the movie "The Last Waltz". Hopefully we'll be able to scare up a video of our own "Choral Memory Action Group" performance. Kudos to composer and Action Group leader Melanie Wright for another fitting closing tune!


Pulled into Frisco, was feeling 'bout half past dead Metadata schemas circling round my head Version 3 will fix that, the DDI man said Come to IASSIST with me, and at least you'll be well fed!

Oh the Tech of Data Will set the data freeeee It's the tech of Data And (and and and) IASSIST (IASSIST) is the place to be

At the AC meeting, we talked of strategy And the workshops, 8 in all, took over the library Are you now or have ever been a cheese-eating monkey? It's just amazing what you can do with version 3


Plenary speaker, was she Catherine or was she Jo? All we know for certain is Steve's her baby bro Lizza only talked to Tom: fellow data geeks, you know And in New Zealand it's the sheep that run the show.

Mash-ups are mashtastic, may the data be with you Who's the guy with the mohawk? oh it's Walter and he's blue! Ann Snoodle's got a t-shirt, and look, there's SusieQue Welcome SecondLifers to the crazy data crew


Keep it simple stupid, whatcha need a BMW for? Arofan pushed SDMX and was greeted with a snore And the Finns asked will you need me, when I'm 64? Tried to make the 8-ball fall, and they almost broke the floor!

Torturing nurses with data can really be a blast And the Business Meeting has never gone so fast Don't let Marilyn near it, if you want your machine to last Does that make Ekke Scrooge, Bo, if you're the ghost of Christmas past?


Banquet drumming wowed us, baby Taiko high five dude Potato-tinis and lots of other crazy food [is that port or pork?] From Johnny Cash to Brick House, the band got us in the mood Dual Turkey sessions meant we got our dose of crude

Now it's nearly over, nearly time to say goodbye Ron, you've been so special, the standard you set is high San and Ellie can't be beat, though Bo and Kate will try And we'll see you all next year, when to Finland we will fly!

Oh the tech of data Will set the data freeeee It's the tech of data and (and and and) IASSIST (IASSIST) is the place to be
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