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Academic libraries and data

Shawn Nicholson pointed out on the IASSIST list:


"As a follow on to the talk we heard in Ann Arbor, this set of PowerPoint presentations might be of interest: "


NSF Workshop on New Collaborative Relationships: The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe


[...] Also announced on the

[...] Also announced on the SPARC-Opendata list yesterday was the release of the final report from the ARL-NSF consultation from the end of September 2006. To Stand the Test of Time: Long-term Stewardship of Digital Data Sets in Science and Engineering is available at (see for more information about this consultation.) [...]

Thanks for sharing this,

Thanks for sharing this, looks very interesting indeed. I see that at least three presenters from IASSIST 2006 supplied brief position papers for this - Robert Chen, Chuck Humphrey, and Margaret Hedstrom. If anyone becomes aware of the existence of the summary report that is mentioned at the bottom of the page, please share. There seems to be a trend floating in the cross-atlantic wind. While ARL and the NSF are looking at "New Collaborative Relationships: The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe" in North America, the Research Information Network (RIN) in the UK, which is a research library-oriented group, has commissioned a research project and will be hosting a workshop in December on "Digital Research Data. In particular, we are interested in principles relating to the stewardship and use of such data and its place in the scholarly communications processes." The event itself does not seem to have a web page (yet) but the following blurb from their website might be relevant, as it mentions the L(ibrary) word: "We believe that there are shortcomings particularly in making research data available and accessible in a consistent manner. Overcoming this problem represents a visionary aim, and is particularly pertinent in the sciences, including the social sciences. In the library world, there are strategic approaches to developing access to collections through catalogues and other means, but no such strategic view concerning digital data. We are therefore working with an initial range of partners to produce, in the first instance, a set of fundamental principles governing the responsibilities both of research funders and researchers relating to the information outputs of research, with particular and explicit reference to digital data." Perhaps some of us attending can report here following the event. Any other countries getting wind of this trend of academic libraries taking an interest in research data?

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