Strategic Plans

In 2010, a two year long effort to produce an updated five-year Strategic Plan for IASSIST was completed by the organization’s Strategic Plan Action Group. At the 2010 Annual Conference of IASSIST, the Administrative Committee approved the strategic plan and set its implementation into motion.

Though the plan has not been updated since 2014, we still follow the strategic directions set in the plan.

The focus of the plan is on the following strategic directions:

  1. Advocacy: For policies that increase access to data and promote responsible data curation.
  2. Community: Cultivate a community that supports full data life-cycle; creation, use and preservation of data.
  3. Professional Development: Provide resources to foster the development of data professionals.

Under these three strategic directions, IASSIST members are working together to advocate for responsible data management, to build a broader community surrounding research data, and encourage the professional development of data professionals.

Read the full plan:

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