Minutes 2005

Meeting of the General Assembly, Thursday, May 26, 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

1. Welcome and remarks (A Green)

The meeting was called to order at 13:00 with circa 100 persons present. A Green welcomed all to the meeting, with an especial welcome to all new IASSIST members. She added that 2/3 of participants at the conference are from other countries, and a total of 23 countries are represented at the conference; it is especially important to maintain this international flavour. Opportunities for involvement in the Association include: (a)  the listserv, which averages 50 messages per week and is used for communications about documentation, jobs, looking for data, where IASSIST announces conference planning, etc.; (b) participating in committees (information on committees is available on the IASISST web site, and the meetings of committees at this conference are posted on the bulletin board at the registration desk); (c) via submitting papers for publication in the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ). Five past presidents of IASSIST are at this conference.

2. Approval of the minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting

Motion to accept the minutes: moved: T Trost; seconded E Boyko. CARRIED.

3. Matters arising, additions to agenda

There being none.

4. IASSIST Strategic Plan Publications Award (K.B. Rasmussen)

The IASSIST Strategic Plan Publications Award committee was chaired by L Neidert. All papers submitted will be published in the IQ. The winner of the 2005 award was Reduce, reuse, recycle: issues in the secondary use of research data, by Margaret Law, University of Alberta. Prize consists of a one-year membership in IASSIST, as well as a cash award.

(A Green) The Strategic Plan publications award will be continued for the 2005/2006  year; the deadline for submission will likely be in January of 2006.

5. Reports of Regional Secretaries

Reports of the Regional Secretaries will be posted on the IASSIST web site within a week of the conference. A Green thanked the Regional secretaries for their work for the Association.

6. Reports of Officers

6.1 President - Ann Green

Thanks to outgoing members of the Administrative Committee: P Adams, R Dekker, S Giles (continuing as chair of the Membership Committee), L Corti, C Severt and F Booker.

Financially the Association is in good shape; the listserv is active; membership has grown 9%.

The Association has held its first electronic election with a 55% response rate. Conducting the election electronically was very successful, as it shortens time it takes to hold an election, and generally is more efficient. Thanks to the Nominations and Elections Committee, and especially C Humphrey and J Weintrop.

The Strategic Plan Publications Award is intended to help strengthen the IQ. The next publications award will have a new subject focus, although still a component of the IASSIST strategic plan.

There have been bylaw changes: the former Australia Region is now the Asia/Pacific Region. And the former Outreach Interest Group is now a formal, on-going committee. The Association is indebted to I Einowski for her nine years of dedication to this project.

Work continues on the membership database, which will soon give us on-line access to membership information. Thanks to B Wandschneider and his staff.

Turnover in the officers of the Association is a way of adding new perspectives: both the treasurer, and the Outreach coordinator are resigning. Members are encouraged to participate in committees and conferences, fiscal planning, keep posting interesting information and questions on the listserv, and keep the IQ strong.

6.2 Treasurer - W Thomas

The Association is in good fiscal condition, with a balance sheet up about $30k. There has been a modest increase in membership. There have been two changes in the past year – J Dionne has retired and the Association accounts have moved to California. Paying the membership fee via credit card has proven to be a very popular option.

A Green thanked W Thomas for all her work on behalf of the Association.

7. Reports of Committees

7.1 Education Committee - E Boyko: Members were admonished to keep an eye open for the next issue of the IQ which will be on statistical literacy. Seven IASSIST members collaborated on the content, and the issue has been edited by W Watkins and L Corti. IASSIST needs to adopt themes and write about them.

The Education Committee has had an active year, and is putting together plans for the next.

7.2 Membership Committee - B. Wandschneider for S Giles: Membership is up, with 63 new members in the Association. The regional distribution of memberships is similar to that in the past. One of strengths of the Association consists in that 115 members have been members for 3 years or longer. The membership database is now up and running. The committee wants to add additional contextual information, however, such as how long you have been an IASSIST member, etc.

7.3 Publications and Communications Committee - KB Rasmussen & R Rice: Rasmussen reemphasized the upcoming special double issue (issues 2-3) on a theme. He acknowledged the many people who work on IQ, including proof-readers, and volunteers for proof-reading are solicited.  R Rice added that the IASSIST web site can also use more help. Thanks especially to P Baxter for work on web site.

7.4 Outreach Committee - I Einowski: Einowski expressed delight that this is now an on-going committee, which represents a more permanent commitment by IASSIST. Outreach has enabled 42 people to attend IASSIST over the past 9 years. This year four attendees received funding by Outreach.

7.5 Nominations & Elections Committee - P Burnhill: Burnhill thanked D Geraci for helping with the elections process. The Association has a full leadership: E Boyko is the incoming president; M Wright is the incoming vice-president. Election results are posted on the IASSIST web site. The election was for regional secretaries for two year terms, as well as for members of the Administrative  Committee for four year terms. A special thanks to A Green, who now becomes immediate past president. A lot has been achieved in the past 4 years, she provided the infrastructure for that scope for those accomplishments.

8. Reports of Action Groups

8.1 Stetegic Plan Implementation Action Group - K McNeil-Harman: The AG is taking a step back to assess what has been done so far. The AG welcomes new ideas.

8.2 Data Documentation & Citation Interest Group - R Nakao: Nakao has just been renamed co-chair w G Drolet and two interest groups merge. There is a role to play in DDI and in the promotion of citation standards and guidelines. Interested volunteers are actively sought.

9. Conference Reports

9.1. 2004 Conference- A Green

9.2 2005 Conference - A Bayley: The conference has 212 registered delegates, 50 from the UK, 50 from elsewhere in Europe, and the remainder from elsewhere.

9.3 2006 Conference- E Austin: ICPSR and two additional sponsors will be hosting the IASSIST conference from May 23-26, 2006. Much of the conference will occur at the Michigan Union for functions, sessions and lunches.

9.4 2007 - A Khouri: IASSIST has accepted a proposal to hold the 2007 conference in Montréal at McGill University. The conference will be a collaboration among 4 universities, 2 French and 2 English. Montréal is a safe city, very European in flavour. All are very welcome to Montréal in 2007.

10. Other Business

10.1 Turkey Action Group Report - L Ruus: The Turkey Action Group is the longest standing action group in IASSIST history, with the largest volunteer/membership base. All are encouraged to attend the TAG meeting at Jury’s Inn 11:30 tonight.

10.2 R Rice: Turn in evaluation form, get a raffle ticket.

11.Moved to adjourn

Moved C Humphrey; seconded C van der Meer. The meeting adjourned at 13:45.