Minutes 1995

The President, Chuck Humphrey called the meeting to order at 13:00, with approximately 85 persons present.


Chuck Humphrey thanked the membership for the support extended him during his term as president of the Association.

2. Passing of IASSIST banner

Gaetan Drolet passed the IASSIST banner to Wendy Treadwell, Chair of the 1996 annual conference. He thanked everyone for attending the conference. Acknowledgements to his staff, and to Chuck Humphrey.

The next IASSIST annual conference will take place May 15-17 1996, in Minneapolis, in conjunction with Social Science Computing Association conference.

3. Newly elected Administrative Committee of IASSIST

Chuck Humphrey acknowledged and thanked outgoing members of the Administrative Committee, especially: Sue Dodd, Dianne Geraci, Ann Janda, Craig McKie, Karsten Boye Rasmussen. He also thanked the outgoing regional secretariats: Roger Jones (Australia), Anne Cooper (USA), Peter Burnhill (Europe), Wendy Watkins (Canada).

Chuck Humphrey introduced the new president, Libbie Stephenson of UCLA.

Libbie Stephenson recognized Chuck as the first IASSIST president to serve two terms. Libbie thanked all who had worked on the conference, especially Gaetan, Chuck, Walter Piovesan, and Laura Guy.

Libbie Stephenson introduced the new Administrative Committee:

  • Vice-president: Peter Burnhill

  • Regional secretariats:

    • Vance Merrill (Australia)
    • Wendy Watkins (Canada)
    • Bridget Winstanley (Europe)
    • Laura Guy (USA)
  • New members of the Administrative Committee:

    • Canada - Gaetan Drolet
    • Europe - Karsten Boye Rasmussen
    • USA - Margaret Adams, Ilona Einowski, Jim Jacobs
    • Continuing members: Carmen Campbell, Hilde Colenbrander, Vigdis Kvalheim, Joanne Dionne, Jean Stratford

Libbie Stephenson outlined as major issues for her as president:

  • A. Improved communication, through a four-pronged approach to communication policy:
    • continuing with IASSIST Quarterly, twice per year
    • fasttrack versions of papers from conferences on Web site
    • new publication: IASSIST communique (WebIC), to include news, etc.
    • abstracts administered by Henk Harden to be added to Web.
  • B. Strategies and goals for future
  • C. Revision of the constitution to allow the Association to do more things electronically.
  • D. Review and revision of the 5-year plan - Chuck Humphrey will spearhead this.

Libbie Stephenson announced the following appointments:

  • Treasurer - Marty Pawlocki
  • Archivist - Don Harrison
  • Secretary - Laine Ruus
  • Production - Walter Piovesan
  • Editor - Laura Bartolo
  • Coordinator on bibliographic standards - Pat Vanderberg


  • ACRL copyright committee - Sarah Cox
  • COPAFS - Tom Brown
  • GODORT - Jean Stratford

Standing committees:

  • Education - (new coordinator to be announced)
  • Membership - (new coordinator to be announced)
  • Constitution review - Carolyn Geda
  • Nominations & elections - not meeting currently

Next annual conferences:

  • Minneapolis - 1996
  • Odense, Denmark -1997
  • New York City - 1998

Reports of regional secretariats to be posted on the IASSIST Web site.

3. New business - none

The meeting was adjourned at 13:30.