Former Action Groups

These Action Groups have completed the missions set for them.

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Values and Ethics Statement Action Group

This group’s mission was to develop and propose an IASSIST ethics statement to reflect and communicate the IASSIST membership’s common values.

  • 2020-2022 Chair: Jonas Recker

Anti-Racism Resources Action Group

The work of the group will include maintaining the work done thus far and may expand over time to address other types of discrimination such as by indigenous group, migrant/refugee status, gender/transgender, sexuality, cultural/ethnic groups, religion, etc. Matured into an interest group in 2022.

  • 2020-2022 Chair: Michele Hayslett

Program Planning Manual Action Group

Produced a new version of the Program Planning Manual

Chaired by Jen Darragh (2014)

Engaging Spanish Speakers Action Group

Proposes a set of concrete activities that IASSIST and its members could undertake to further the organization’s engagement with data professional from Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking institutions from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

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Shepherd: Melanie Wright

2011-2012 Chairs: Luis Martínez-Uribe and Stuart Macdonald

Organizational Linkages Action Group

Takes the information from the User Survey about membership in allied professional organizations and will solicit a list of Linkage volunteers for each relevant organization. The group will develop a formal charge for these Linkage volunteers reflecting the goal of communicating to other organizations what IASSIST is doing, and communicating to IASSIST what these other organizations are doing, in areas of mutual interest.

Shepherd: San Cannon

2011-2012 Chair: Lynda Kellam

Data Management & Curation Good Practice Action Group

Charged with collecting a set of existing resources and links from among the membership to create a resource page on the public website covering the topics of good practice, standards, and activity in Data Management and Data Curation.

2010-2011 Chair: Carol Perry

Strategic Plan Action Group and Stetegic Plan Implementation Action Group

Produced five-year Strategic Plans for IASSIST.

2008-2010 Chair: Joel Herndon
2002-2006 Chair: Bill Block

Other Action Groups

Membership Survey Action Group

Chaired by Susan Mowers (2011)

Interest Group Development Action Group

Chaired by (2011)

eCommunity Infrastructure Action Group

Chaired by Bo Wandschneider and Ron Nakao (2011)

Advocacy & Liaison Action Group

Chaired by Paula Lackie (2009)

Technology Advisory Action Group

Miassion was to look at means to reduce the workload for IASSIST volunteers and focus on applications.

Chair by Bill Block (2009)

Organizational Memory Action Group

Chaired by Amy West (2008)

Data Documentation & Citation Interest Group

DDI and the promotion of citation standards and guidelines.

Chaired by Ron Nakao and Gaetan Drolet (2005)

Web Site Action Group

Revised the IASSIST web site in 2002 and then focused on maintenance.

Chair by Robin Rice (2003)

Outreach Action Group

The mission of the Outreach AG was to assist archivists and data professionals from developing countries to attend IASSIST conferences.

Chaired by Ilona Einowski (2003)

Representation & Liaison Action Group

Mission was to document liaisons and memberships with other organizations and institutions.

Chaired by Ron Dekker (2003)