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The IASSIST Achievement Award

Inaugurated in 1990 at the annual conference in Poughkeepsie, New York, this award recognizes the cumulative contributions of an individual to the organization and to the profession.



Ernie Boyko
Statistics Canada, Carleton University, Canada

Peter Burnhill
University of Edinburgh, UK

Chuck Humphrey
University of Alberta, Canada

Walter Piovesan
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Wendy Watkins
Carleton University, Canada


Ann Green
Yale University, USA

Elizabeth (Libbie) Stephenson
University of California, Los Angeles, USA


Margaret Adams
U.S. National Archives


Laine Ruus
University of Toronto, Canada

Ekkehard Mochmann
Central Archive for Empirical Social Research, Germany

James Jacobs
University of California, San Diego, USA


Alison Bayley
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Thomas Brown
U.S. National Archives

Ilona Einowski
University of California, Berkeley, USA


Ann Gray
Princeton University, USA


Per Nielson
Danish National Archive

Bridget Winstanley
University of Essex, United Kingdom


Sue A Dodd
University of North Carolina, USA

Carolyn Geda
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, USA

Judith Rowe
Princeton University, USA


Donald Harrison
U.S. National Archives

Harold Naugler
National Archive of Canada


Murray Aborn
National Science Foundation, USA

Procedures for nomination and awards

The guidelines and procedures for this award are:

  • An award committee will administer the IASSIST Achievement Award. This committee will consist of the three immediate past presidents of the association. If a past president can not serve, the current president will appoint a substitute with the approval of the Administrative Committee.
  • All decisions of the award committee must be unanimous.
  • During any given year, the award committee may elect to bestow as many IASSIST Achievement Awards as it deems appropriate. The award committee may elect not to bestow an IASSIST Achievement Award during any given year.
  • Any member of the association, including a member of the award committee, may nominate an individual to be recipient of the IASSIST Achievement Award.
  • The award will not be given for a single significant accomplishment, but will be awarded for a sustained contribution to the organization and the profession. The timing of the award should be at an appropriate point in the individual's career, such as retirement or a promotion. The award committee will determine the timing of the award.
  • The award committee will determine the most appropriate forum for the presentation of the award on behalf of IASSIST.
  • The award committee has the authority to bestow the award posthumously.
  • The name IASSIST Achievement Award is subject to change. To adopt a new name, the award committee must propose the name to the Administrative Committee and General Assembly in conjunction with an annual conference.
  • Discussions among the award committee members will not be publicly reported. However, award committee member(s) are at liberty to discuss privately their discussions with any member of the Administrative Committee.

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